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eCommerce is also known as internet commerce where the transaction of money, products, services and data are done online. The eCommerce business can be easily classified into four types ie. Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customers (B2C), Customers to Customers (C2C) and Customers to Business (C2B).

What is an eCommerce Platform?

Ecommerce platforms enable you to sell and purchase products through electronic systems like computers, mobiles, etc. Today all businesses have started focusing on developing their own marketplace platform. In recent days, grocery eCommerce websites have gained more response. Online grocery platforms deliver grocery items to customers who purchase them online. 

What are the Benefits of Using an Online Grocery Platform?

According to the latest survey, around one-fourth of the online shoppers are purchasing groceries online. So it is estimated that online grocery platforms are increasing three times a year. Let us identify the true benefits of eCommerce grocery stores.

  • 24/7 ordering is possible. Round the clock, you can purchase your groceries through the eCommerce grocery store.
  • Delivery at your doorstep is provided by the online grocery platform.
  • You can choose your delivery time according to your convenience and the eCommerce grocery store will arrange the delivery accordingly.
  • When you order through the grocery eCommerce website you will get fresh grocery items.
  • There is no need to stand in a long queue to pay your bills.
  • Many online grocery platforms provide offers and discounts and you can save more money by using those offers.

Organize your business with Zielcommerce, a dedicated online grocery platform. This online grocery store software has multilingual and multiple currency features that will help you get customers who follow different languages but still residing in the same location. With its advanced features, this eCommerce grocery platform can meet today’s shopper’s expectations.

The key features of this eCommerce grocery store:

  • Zielcommerce has an efficient product search option that helps customers to easily figure out the product they need to buy with this eCommerce grocery store.
  • Zielcommerce shopping lists are mutually beneficial where the customers find an easy way to save their favorites and also the retailers can measure products that are of high sale. 
  • This eCommerce grocery store will give you an efficient checkout process that will reduce the bounce rate.
  • The click and collect shopping facility of this online grocery platform facilitates the shoppers who crave convenience.

Mercatus eCommerce grocery store gives you a unified shopping experience. This grocery platform has been integrated with more than 50 third party APIs making customers feel comfortable in processing their payment and can enjoy an easy check-out process.

The real features of this grocery eCommerce website:

  • Avail 24/7 technical support that can back your online grocery store and its functions.
  • The platform is highly configurable and also scalable.
  • Gain operational efficiencies in all the back-end processes of your grocery eCommerce store.
  • Mercatus is completely secured and fully PCI compliant.

Ownmyshop enables you to expand your brick and mortar grocery store to an aligned digital eCommerce grocery store. With this eCommerce grocery store, you can analyze the shopper’s data and their behavior. This will help in personalizing the customer’s online experience.

The power-packed features of this grocery eCommerce website:

  • Manage deliveries with the grocery delivery management system that is pre-built in this online grocery software.
  • Optimize your route for delivering the products with the help of Google Mapping.
  • Delivery agents will get an exclusive delivery agent app that will help them to have a clear picture of their tasks.

Zemez is trusted by more than 20K businesses. This online grocery platform will let your customer have end-to-end real-time delivery tracking. This eCommerce grocery software is developed with the latest technologies that can give a user-friendly experience to the customers.

The ultimate features of this online grocery website:

  • Zemez is integrated with business intelligence that can give you a clear insight about your business.
  • Get the advanced reports and statistics with this eCommerce grocery website.
  • Streamline your order flow with an effective order management solution.
  • Have a detailed product description catalogue for managing your products.

Rocketbazaar, a leading grocery eCommerce platform, lets you manage your business effortlessly. This grocery eCommerce store will provide solutions for multi-store grocery shopping and delivery. Customers can explore the products using advanced search options.

The exclusive features of this eCommerce grocery store:

  • Customers can either pick-up the groceries from the store or can even have door-step delivery.
  • Scheduling the delivery of the groceries is possible with this online grocery store.
  • Live grocery order tracking is an advanced feature that is enabled in this eCommerce grocery store.

IONWE has a dedicated central admin that can manage the overall grocery eCommerce software. This eCommerce grocery store has a perfect inventory management that allows the store owners to be well informed about the stock details. The store owner can fix the pricing for the groceries and also can have offers and discounts that will delight the customers.

The notable features of this online grocery software:

  • A reliable financial accounting system than can keep a perfect track on store earnings
  • A flexible commission set-up for multi-vendors.
  • Customized menus for various grocery franchises.
  • Multiple payment gateways integrated in this online grocery software.

Essitco is backed by robust and scalable tech-architecture. The deployment of this grocery eCommerce website is faster compared to other online grocery software. PCI compliance is quite assured with this online grocery platform so there will not be any issues on security.

The advance features of this online grocery store platform:

  • The whole grocery software is developed by keeping the best SEO optimization for apps in mind.
  • Scheduling, payment and live tracking are added features.
  • Can easily manage various grocery delivery operators and drivers through the app.
  • Can run referral campaigns on both the grocery website as well as on apps.

Mycloud Grocer provides you with an effortless storefront administration and management. The effective delivery management of this eCommerce grocery website allows the customers to select their convenient time for delivering the grocery items. You can harness the power of product ratings and reviews mainly to redefine the online shopping experience.

The extraordinary features of this online grocery website:

  • With dedicated mobile apps, you can have a mobile presence.
  • Through retail management system, you can easily organize your orders
  • This grocery eCommerce software is well integrated with payment gateways.
  • Admin can push messages to store owners, drivers and customers.

Shophero is well optimized for the web and mobile online grocery platforms and comes with free installation and setup. Customers will experience a user-friendly front-end and the admin enjoys a perfect back-end. Vendors can have both web and mobile apps for their processing.

The unique features of this online grocery store:

  • Customers can avail a convenient payment experience.
  • Admin can manage SMS gateway from back-end and can send SMS to the customers as well as to the vendors.
  • Customers can call and place orders with their favorite grocery store.
  • Admin can manage the complete activity log.

Fatbit is one of the most famed eCommerce grocery websites that can build your brand and let you reach your target audience. The store owners can make profitable decisions by quickly analyzing the web analytics data of the online grocery software. Customers can easily detect the delivery person’s movement through real-time tracking.

The remarkable features of this eCommerce grocery store:

  • Gain multiple location access through this eCommerce grocery software.
  • Vendors can earn commission that mutually benefits the store owner and the vendors.
  • Delight your customers with fast delivery time with the help of delivery management systems.


The global online grocery platform is facing healthy growth. You may have realized the importance and now know what the leading online grocery software is that you can rely on for your business. Check what features that are essential to run your online grocery store and choose the best one suited to your needs from the options listed above. Good luck!


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