10 Reasons to Learn Python in 2018

Who wants to become a Python Programmer?

If you follow my

Automate Boring Stuff with Python — best book for Python lovers

If you are a Java developer you can do that with

2. Machine Learning

This is another reason of why programmers are learning Python in 2018. The growth of machine learning is phenomenal in last a couple of years and it’s rapidly changing everything around us.

Algorithms become sophisticated day by day, the best example is Google’s Search Algorithms, which can now answer what you are expecting. There are Chatbots around to answer your queries and Uber is totally driven by Algorithms.

If you are interested in machine learning, want to do a pet project or just want to play around, Python is the only major programming language which makes it easy.

Though there are machine learning libraries available in Java, you will find more content around Python as developer community is preferring Python over anything else on Data Science and Machine learning.

If you are interested in doing web development with Python, I suggest you to further check

3. Web Development

The good old development is another reason for learning Python. It offers so many good libraries and frameworks e.g.

In fact, there is a

7. Automation

When I first come to know about Python was due to one of my scripting need. I was working with an application which receives messages over

8. Multipurpose

One of the things I like about Python is its Swiss Army knife nature. It’s not tied to just one thing e.g.

Useful Resources to Learn Python

If you decide to learn Python in 2018 then here are some of the useful Python books, courses, and tutorials to start your journey in the beautiful world of Python.

  1. That’s all about some of the important reasons to learn Python in 2018. As I said, it’s important to know programming and coding in today’s world and if you don’t know coding you are missing something and Python is a great way to start learning to code.

    For programmers who already know Java or C++, learning Python not just make you a Polyglot programmer but also gives you a powerful tool in your arsenal to write scripts, create a web application and open door on exciting field of Data Science and Machine Learning.

    In short, if you could learn just one programming language in 2018 then make it to Python and to start with, The Complete Python MasterClass is the best course.

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    Closing Notes

    Thanks, You made it to the end of the article … Good luck with your Python journey! It’s certainly a great decision and pay you a lot in your near future.

    I have also shared some resources to learn Python for Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, and general Scripting work, so take advantage of that.

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