10 Shortcuts Web Developers Use to Get Results in Record Time

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In this blog, I have listed new ideas that smart web developers use in order to code in a magical way. These ideas help them to code their programs in easier as well as quicker ways.

Ultimately, it results in the faster completion of a web project and software businessmen can better know the value of this quick completion.

So, here is the list:

  1. Avoiding online inspiration.
  2. Collaborating with others.
  3. Trying at least one thing different
  4. Thinking outside the box
  5. Cursor movement shortcuts
  6. Generic windows shortcuts
  7. IDE Shortcuts
  8. Browser shortcuts

Let’s have a deep look at all these innovative ideas that a smart web developer uses:


Smart web developers use strategies in order to create the best output in the least time with least efforts. These strategies have quite special value in the heart of developers as they make it easy for them to code and execute.

Such developers do not look at what other developers have done in the past. This is the key thing to include if we want our project to be truly unique and innovative. It gives a direct indication towards that a developer should not start the innovative web development project by looking at previously developed showcases.

Online sources and various blog posts having inspirational instances of web codings which can be useful for getting inspiration. Smart developers keep on looking at various websites and blog posts as it helps them to know about the coding level and strategies of other web developers.

It is really not interesting to start a new web development work with someone else’s code in the mind. So, it is difficult. These developers try their own ideas and sometimes they fail but ultimately, they hit the aim.

Smart web developers avoid the trap of doing good in the competition rather they try to take out something better from the deep inside of their mind.


Working as a team member can be both. Either it can be an amazing experience or it can be a frustrating experience.

On the one hand, dedicated web developers often create better results in less time consumption while sometimes it can become a challenge to communicate your own thoughts to another member of your team. This is because everyone gives his own views.

However, collaborating with other web developers can be a beneficial and productive decision. That’s what these smart web developers do. They actually collaborate with other web developers and create the finest product.


With an increase in experience and creating N number of projects, web developers develop their own standard and easy way to complete a web project. But, this procedure does not work for the long term as the industry keep evolving with new ideas, technology, and demands.

So, keep trying new things, strategies and technologies can be really beneficial and helpful for the overall growth of the company and web developer itself. These smart web developers take care of this thing and keep trying the newest technologies, strategies, and ideas in order to stay at the top in the competition era.

Trying new things is the only way towards innovation. Until you try anything new, how can you innovate a system, a code or a process?


Smart web developers try to think which is not following the same track on which they are working for years. They keep trying new codes, the new way of coding the same programme and performing similar activities.

They think after coming out of all the limitations that are given in the project. And then they try whether there can be a better way of coding this project leading to the fulfillment of all the requirements of the clients.

Ultimately, this way of working leads them to produce the finest code that results in best client satisfaction.


Smart web developer use keyword shortcuts to enhance their coding speed. It helps them to use their time to concentrate on what to code rather than simple orientation setup of the coding page.

These shortcuts can add an additional property to a web developer’s entire carrier. At the time of coding, developers mostly prefer to use the keyboard only.

It is not too much comfortable to jump to mouse and then move the cursor and then come back to the keyboard.

That is why expert web developers like to user cursor shortcuts that increase efficiency and effectiveness of the coding work.

Some of the cursor movement shortcuts are written below, have a look at these:

Arrows: move character by character

Ctrl + Arrows: move word by word

End: Go to the last character of the line

Home: Go to the first character of the line

Ctrl + Home: Go to the start of the file

Ctrl + End: Go to the end of the file

Shift + Cursor Movement: In this case, it moves as mentioned above, but this time it selects text.


These are generic windows shortcuts that are often used by expert web developers in order to save their time and make their work easier.

Ctrl + C — Copy

Ctrl + Ins — Copy

Ctrl + V — Paste

Shift + Del — Paste

Ctrl + S — Save

Shift + Ins — Save

Ctrl + Z — Undo

Ctrl + Y — Redo

Ctrl + F — Find in window/app

Windows + D — Minimize all the windows, go to Desktop

Windows + Up arrow — Maximize current window/app

Windows + Left/Right Arrow — Move current window/ app to left/ right side of the screen

Alt + Tab — Window Tab move

Shift + Alt + Tab — Reverse window tab move

Ctrl + Arrow — move the cursor across the word to next special character or space

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow — move the cursor across the word to next special character or space and highlight that


This list of shortcuts is incorporated into Visual Studio code. Have a look at all these IDE shortcuts that expert web developers use to make their coding process easy.

Alt + Left Arrow- Go back — Last cursor position.

Alt + Right Arrow — Go forward — Last cursor position.

Ctrl + Shift + F — Find in all the files.

Ctrl + K + C — Comment

Ctrl + K + U — Uncomment

Ctrl + / — Toggle

Alt + Shift + Up arrow — Duplicate line above

Alt + Shift + Down arrow — Duplicate line below

Ctrl + Shift + R — Refactor

F12 — Go to definition

F2 — Rename

Ctrl + D — Multi cursor, choose next occurrence

Ctrl + shift + L — Multi cursor, choose All in File

Ctrl + P — Quick Find — Files, Etc.


It takes time to jump to the next tab of the browser or to open the recently closed browser with the help of the mouse. Hence, browser shortcuts add speed and ease to the coding work.

Ctrl + Shift + T: Opens recently closed tab in the browser

This is a browser shortcut that is used often by the smart web developers.

Wrapping Up

I have listed all the innovative ideas and shortcuts that smart web developers use in order to make their work easy and efficient. With this, they can give their precious time to do required brainstorming on the coding process.

However, if you think that there are certain other shortcuts and ideas that can be added to the list, please let me know through your comments in the comment box. I will look at these and will take the decision accordingly.

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