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There are billions of websites, ranging from the humble static page to the massive e-commerce platform. But whatever the field, not all sites are created equal. Far from it. Indeed, there are big differences from one site to another – disparities that have an impact in particular on the interest of Internet users.

Therefore, the challenge is to succeed in making a site attractive, both in its content and in its design. Are you not a professional web designer, but still want to increase the appeal of your website?

Follow these expert tips and you will achieve your goal!

1. Clearly communicate your offer

Visitors are resistant to long and complicated texts. You have to take care of writing with concise and clear texts for instant understanding.

2. Improve loading times

Internet users are impatient and leave a site when it loads in more than 3 seconds. Everything must be done to optimize loading times and to facilitate navigation on the site.

3. Make mobile browsing easier

Mobile phones now represent 34% of internet traffic and tablets 7%. Having a responsive site is therefore a minimum and optimizing mobile navigation is strongly recommended to increase traffic on the site.

4. Manage the waterline

The waterline is the limit from which the user must scroll to see the rest. Internet users stay above the waterline most of the time. All important data must therefore appear above this line.

5. Take care of your CTAs (Calls To Action)

CTAs should be above the waterline, concise, clear, and prominent.

6. Solicit customer reviews

Customers are particularly attentive and sensitive to the opinions of other customers (opinions and testimonials). Solicit them and present them in a short and authentic way. They have a real impact on the conversion rate of visitors.

7. Reduce the size of your forms

Forms (contact, registration …) can discourage more than one if they are too long or confusing. Limit the number of fields to a minimum, even if it means asking for additional information at a later date and ensure concise and clear wording.

8. Reassure at the payment stage

To avoid the high risk of dropping out at this crucial stage, be sure to be transparent, simplifying and clarifying any areas that are ambiguous or may suggest possible unpleasant surprises.

9. Optimize the user experience

Small imperfections in the use of your site can have big consequences. Constantly work on the user experience to offer a site that is always easier and faster to use.

10. Be pragmatic with A / B tests

The choices are sometimes very delicate and A / B testing, but comparing the results on several options, helps to make the right choice.

Above were some tips that you can implement when building your website to make it more attractive to your customers and visitors, so that browsing is enjoyable.

This will make it easier to convince them of the relevance of your products. Put these tips into practice and you will succeed in creating an attractive website design. If needed, you can of course ask a professional for help – knowing that this service will come at a cost. And, for more practical advice on web design and digital communication, attend the webinars organized each month.


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