101investing Review: Should I Trade CFDs With This Broker?

You have probably heard that all it takes to succeed as a trader is to learn how the market works and allow trading opportunities to present themselves instead of trying to create one when there isn’t any.

While that is true, a less-talked-about factor that influences how successful or profitable a trader becomes is their choice of brokerage platform. Although thousands of brokers exist today, some like 101investing has features that make it better than the rest, and they an excellent choice for both beginner and expert traders.

In this 101investing review, we delve into those features. Considering them should help you decide whether or not to use the broker, even though there’s a higher chance that your conclusion will be in the affirmative.

101investing Introduction

101investing is a brokerage platform that gives investors and traders the chance to trade contract-for-differences (CFDs) on cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, metals, stocks, and commodities.

If the website design and platform layout were the only ways to decide whether or not a broker is efficient, then 101investing would score very high for its user-friendly and intuitive page, which users see when they land on the website.

But that is just a glimpse of what the broker offers. We will now discuss in close detail what traders can expect on the platform.

What to Expect on 101investing

Access to Multiple Markets

Unlike some brokerage platforms that restrict access to the number of financial markets that you can trade, 101investing unlocks the door for traders to invest simultaneously across any markets they want.

Using this broker, you can trade:

●             Forex contract for differences (CFDs)

●             Cryptocurrencies CFDs

●             Commodities CFDs

●             Stock CFDs

●             Index CFDs

●             Metal Trading CFDs

Therefore, instead of opening different accounts with different brokers to access different markets, 101investing lets you have it all in one place and offers a powerful trading engine and unparalleled liquidity.

101investing offers 45+ Forex trading pairs, CFDs on Bitcoin and 50 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and financial derivatives for some of the most popularly traded commodities, including, rice and wheat, cocoa, coffee, etc. 

Additionally, you can trade CFDs on 75+ stocks for leading startups and companies globally using the best analysis tools, while also accessing CFDs for the most popular indices like Dow Jones, the FTSE 100, the DAX, and NASDAQ 100.

101investing also provides a robust market for trading CFDs on gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals.

In summary, diversifying your portfolio and exposure to the financial markets does not have to be as difficult as it seems. You can actively monitor all your assets and positions in one place using 101investing.

Leverage Trading up to 500x

Leveraged or margin trading is a practice whereby a trader opens positions with more capital than they have on their trading account using funds borrowed from the broker.

Although margin trading has inherent risks, it provides the perfect chance for traders to take advantage of certain profitable opportunities and is a popular tool amongst experienced investors.

Across its various account types (we will discuss more on this in the next subheading), 101investing offers leverage trading for its currency pairs, with the ratio reaching up to 1:500 for professional clients.

Custom Account Types

The broker offers four primary account types and a secondary trading account for Sharia abiding traders. Therefore, irrespective of your trading needs and abilities, you’re likely to find a suitable account.

The Silver account, primarily designed for beginners, requires a minimum deposit of just $100 and features flexible spreads starting at 0.07. Account-holders can trade all CFDs offered by the broker with the limitation being a lean Forex leverage of 1:30 probably designed to protect new traders from the risks of margin trading.

The Gold trading account offers slightly higher capabilities, including spreads starting from 0.05, a 25% swap discount, increased Forex leverage up to 1:400 for professional clients, and no deposit commission.

Next, is the Platinum account with spreads starting from 0.03, a 50% swap discount, and no commission trading. The maximum leverage for this account is also 1:400, making it a good option for more experienced traders.

101investing also offers an Islamic account for traders who believe in the Sharia law and will not tolerate interest rates or hidden charges. While some brokerage platforms also claim to provide this type of account, they usually find another means to recoup profits.

101investing promises to be different with no hidden costs or fees, no interest or swap charges on overnight positions, no spread widening or upfront commissions, and 24/5 support by a dedicated account manager.

Similar to other leading brokerage platforms, this broker also offers a VIP account for clients with substantial trading capital. However, because of the unique capabilities that it brings to professional traders, a callback from a support manager and some paperwork is needed to set this up.

Multi-Platform Support

The ability to trade the market at any time during the day and from anywhere there is internet access is one that most traders savour. The reason is not far-fetched. Highly profitable trade setups often come unannounced, and you want to make the most out of it.

101investing gives you the power to maximize market opportunities by providing its user-friendly trading platform across multiple devices, including web, mobile, desktop. You only need to log in to your account on the device you want to use, and it automatically synchronizes with your account with the broker.

Diverse Payment Gateways

Moving your money in an out of a brokerage platform should be as seamless as possible since it can also affect your chances of making timely, profitable trades.

101investing meets the need of its clients by providing multiple payment and withdrawal gateways, including credit and debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, SafeCharge, Wirecard, and more. Therefore, you can always use a different option if one is failing and avoid ever missing out on trades or meeting emergencies because of failed payments.

Educational Materials

Anyone who has ever become a successful trader would tell you they spent quality time understanding how the market works and probably learned a lot from their unprofitable or losing positions.

However, many fail to mention that for you to become a professional trader, you need to invest in educational materials to help you grow your knowledge of the financial market you wish to venture into.

Interestingly, both beginners and experienced traders can find several educational materials on 101investing to help them get better at trading. These materials take the form of webinars, ebooks, tutorials, courses, video-on-demand, and economic & earning reports calendar.

Armed with this wealth of information, the long journey to becoming a skilled professional trader becomes shorter, setting you on the path to financial success a lot faster than many would ever imagine.

Professional Customer Support

There will be times when you could be stuck with trying to make a deposit, uploading a document, or setting up certain trading functionalities. At times like this, the best thing that can happen is receiving a prompt and helpful response from a customer support team. 

101investing provides such excellent customer service with the easiest way to get in touch being through the LiveChat option available on the website. On working days (Monday-Friday), you can expect a reply within a few minutes after you open a chat. Note, though, that the support desk isn’t available on the weekends. 

Meanwhile, you can receive advanced support via email or phone call to the phone number provided on the broker’s website to help resolve peculiar cases. 

Multi-Lingual Access 

At the time of writing this 101investing review, visitors can access the website in six other languages apart from English. Supported languages include Spanish, Portuguese, Deutsche, Svenska and Nederlands. 

Having clients from these diverse backgrounds evidently points to the fact that the broker is well-established and transparent and could even roll out support for other languages based on client demand.

Is 101investing Regulated? 

If “regulation” is one of the primary metrics you use to judge whether or not a broker is reliable, it may interest you to know that 101investing is regulated. The 101investing brokerage platform is operated by FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd, a company regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license number 315/16. 

With the CySEC being one of the most active regulators of CFDs and cryptocurrencies, there is reason to believe that 101investing is subjected to the rigors such as auditing company accounts periodically and maintaining the best security standards. 

Additionally, the broker has dedicated a full page to provide complete information regarding the legal responsibilities it holds towards users, including client categorization, risk disclosure, KYC policy, and a unique investor compensation fund. 

The compensation fund specifically is a requirement under the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law of 2017 in Cyprus to protect investors from unforeseen occurrences when they’re using a financial services provider. 

In conclusion, being fully regulated means that there is very little to no chance of 101investing going bankrupt. Even if that happens, user funds will be appropriately accounted for and refunded. Such guaranteed peace of mind is vital to a trader since it allows you to focus on taking advantage of market moves first without worrying about whether your funds are safe. 

Restricted Countries

As an EU-based broker regulated by the CySEC, 101investing does not provide its services to all non-EU countries such as Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, USA as well as the other EU Member States, i.e. Belgium and France. An attempt to visit the website from any of these locations would return a message “that the company does not offer its services in your country.” 

An attempt to skip the location restriction through the use of a VPN is also likely not to be fruitful since you must complete a KYC process the enjoy the best of the broker’s services.

Creating an Account on 101investing

The broker’s onboarding process is divided into five stages. 

In the first stage, you have to enter basic information about yourself, including your name, email address, phone number and agree that you’re over 18 years and thus qualified to use financial services independently.

The next stage requires that you submit more information about your address, zip code and date of birth. After this, you will fill out a questionnaire that helps the broker to determine that the source of your trading capital is legitimate, before submitting KYC data for verification.

The moment these documents are approved, you can select an account type and proceed to make your first deposit on 101investing using any of the payment methods we mentioned earlier. Next step? Yes, you got that right. You can start trading CFDs with the broker.

What Can be Improved?

As many would agree, there is always room for improvement. Here are somethings we found missing on 101investing that if improved could make the broker more popular amongst traders:

No Affiliate Program 

Online marketers thrive on promoting world-class brokerage platforms such as 101investing to potential users and generate revenue for themselves. However, it appears the broker does not currently offer an affiliate marketing or referral program. We strongly believe that opening this channel will lead to a surge in users, and bring about other improvements on 101investing. 

Social Trading 

Social trading provides functions such as allowing traders on a brokerage platform to communicate directly on developments in the market, and an opportunity for newbies to copy exact trades placed by experienced ones. Introducing this feature will also improve 101investing and provide another revenue stream for traders using their service.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Final Words

In this in-depth 101investing review, we shed more light on what users can expect from the broker, the company’s regulatory status, how to create an account and what features could be improved. Putting all these into perspective shows that 101investing is a reputable regulated broker offering top-notch technology for trading diverse financial markets, including currencies, stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies. If you are a beginner or experienced trader looking for a broker to trade use, then you likely will want to check them out.