16 Best Resources to Learn Quantum Computing in 2019

While making GeekForge — a daily listing of interesting coding tasks — we researched several sources where you can learn quantum computing, and we thought it would be a good idea to share this list with you.

If you heard about supercomputers, then you probably already know that quantum computers are meant to solve in just a few days or even hours the problems that take supercomputers hundreds of years to solve. That’s the disruptive power of this technology.

As a developer, you know the limits and the potential of a modern computer, however, when it comes to quantum computations, nothing is the same. The common way of storing information on bits in the form of a 0 or 1 can now be 0 and 1 at the same time with quantum computing. That’s the quantum effect and it’s the first thing you should learn when diving into this field.

The information might be hard to digest at first, but once it’s properly explained, everything will start making so much sense. If you don’t want to be like everybody else, running away from quantum computing just because it “sounds” difficult, I urge you to get your feet wet with the following list of hand-picked resources on quantum technology to learn about its true potential!

1) Quantum Computing — An Overview at Udemy

A detailed overview of quantum computing covering entanglement, superposition, quantum gates, superdense coding.

2) Quantum Computing Explained at Amazon

A conversational approach to explaining quantum computing with workable solutions.

3) Daily email list of quantum computing coding tasks from GeekForge

You can solve tasks independently or discuss them with the community. It’s the best way to educate yourself on new technology and build a portfolio of your completed tasks.

4) Understanding Quantum Computers at Future Learn

Introduction to the key concepts of quantum computing with minimal mathematics.

5) Quantum Computation lecture from Caltech Institute

In this course, you’ll study the properties that distinguish quantum information from classical information.

6) QC101 Quantum Computing & Quantum Physics for Beginners at Udemy

Master quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and quantum physics with Microsoft Q# (Q Sharp) and IBM Quantum Experience.

7) Quantum Quest from QuSoft

At the end of this course, you’ll understand what quantum bits and quantum algorithms are and what they are good for.

8) Quantum Information Sciences from MIT

A series of lecture notes on the MIT quantum information sciences course.

9) Quantum machine learning for data scientists from Quantee Limited

This text aims to present and explain quantum machine-learning algorithms to a data scientist in an accessible and consistent way.

10) Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists from Microsoft

This talk discards hand-wavy pop-science metaphors and answers one simple question: how can a quantum computer outperform a classical computer?

11) The Quantum Internet and Quantum Computers at edX

Learn the principles and promises behind developments in quantum computers and quantum internet and how they will impact our future.

12) Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists at Amazon

This book employs ideas and techniques familiar to every computer science student.

13) Quantum Machine Learning from Research Gate

Quantum machine learning and what quantum computing means to data mining.

14) Quantum Cryptography at edX

Learn how quantum communication provides security that is guaranteed by the laws of nature.

15) Opportunities and Challenges for Quantum Machine Learning from Cornell University

Opportunities and challenges for quantum-assisted machine learning in near-term quantum computers.

16) Quantum Computing for the Determined on YouTube

Introduces the most basic type of quantum mechanical system.

After taking just one course, reading one book, or solving a few tasks like the ones proposed by GeekForge, you’re going to get a good grasp on the impact quantum computing can have in fields like chemistry, medicine, cryptography, and many more. Any type of involvement from you can make a huge difference at this stage. Are you willing to take the first step with one of the resources listed above?

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