Top Software Development Trends in 2019

Software trend 3: Low Code Development

If you dare to think of web & software development as an approach similar to building lego blocks, what you’ll get would be something known as low-code development.

In a world where standards, policies, regulations, and procedure keep getting updated from time to time, standard coding practices make the process of adapting slow and gruesome for companies and IT developers alike.

Low-code development is a panacea for all these problems, and in the absence of complex codes which require expertise- it can help clients understand their project in better ways, and perhaps enable them to perform customizations on their own.

Low-code development is a huge boon for enterprise software development, and at the same time is a crucial aid for companies seeking digital transformation. But before you decide to jump on the bandwagon, it must be known that even in 2019- such a practice would only benefit normal business use cases. In scenarios where businesses require complex and structured solutions, a low-code development practice simply wouldn’t work.

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