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Kasper Klynge is Denmark’s Tech Ambassador to Silicon Valley and the global tech industry, with offices in Palo Alto, Beijing, and Copenhagen.

In November 2017, WIRED featured Casper, a former Danish Ambassador to Indonesia, as the world’s first-ever diplomatic envoy to Silicon Valley and technology companies.

Explaining the novelty, Chris Stokel-Walker of Wired wrote: “What’s different is who he’s lobbying” — as opposed as another country, like a bilateral ambassador would do, or an international organization for multilateral ambassadors.

Since his appointment, Casper has been engaging with Big Tech around the world and has helped his government launched a new Foreign and Security Policy Strategy 2019–2020. The new strategy shows the need for any government to adapt to a changing world order.

In particular, the Danish government aims at:

  • Strengthening Denmark’s cyber and information security through international engagement
  • Promoting EU leadership in a new digital world order
  • Building global alliances with the tech industry
  • Engaging the UN and bridge the digital divide in developing countries
  • Leveraging Denmark’s position as digital frontrunner from trade, research, and innovation

”The world today is a better place to live than ever before. But at the same time the world is far more unpredictable,” said Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen. “Global power relations are shifting, and the rules-based international cooperation that has been defining the global development is under pressure. These developments place great demands for Denmark’s foreign and security policy. We must engage in the world, fight for our values and actively pursue our interests. Only this way can we ensure that Denmark will continue to be among the world’s most free, safe and prosperous countries in the future”.

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