2018 Know-How: First Coffee Purchase For Cryptocurrency On Vending Machine2018 Know-How: First Coffee Purchase For Cryptocurrency On Vending Machine – Altcoin Today

In China, one can use a vending machine to buy a car with the same amount of effort it takes to purchase a coke and now caffeine deprived workers in need of a hot drink can order a coffee using cryptocurrency.

This convince is made possible by a new partnership between iVend and GoByte and the launch of GoByte Pay makes it easy for GBX holders to effortlessly get their fix at one of iVends beverage machines.

With the release of GoByte Pay, merchants can seamlessly integrate fast and transparent cryptocurrency payments into vending machines. In addition to processing cryptocurrency payments, merchants will be able to manage multiple wallets, track cryptocurrency prices, and create invoices for billing customers.

The video below clearly demonstrates the payment process described above.

According to the statistics provided by the Coin ATM Radar, bitcoin ATMs increased 4-fold this year, and as the numbers are likely to increase this will have positive implications for the rate of bitcoin, the world first cryptocurrency.  When asked about the future of cryptocurrency payments, GoByte CEO, Hisyam Nasir said, “I can not predict, but it’s fully depends on retailers and merchants accept cryptocurrency for goods and services.”

Coffee image via Shutterstock.


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