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Magento is the most popular platform that offers huge flexibility and extensive support to merchants all over the globe to grow their online business.

In order to develop a highly flexible store, extensions play a huge role in Magento 2. Only setting a Magento eCommerce store is not enough; you must scale it up with advanced features and functionalities as well as include the best tools to boost your sales.

You can achieve this with the help of the best Magento 2 extensions. From a pool of Magento extensions, choosing those who are the most important and have more potential to enhance the scope can be quite difficult for you.

To make your life easier and help you select the best out of many, we have compiled a list of top leading extensions Which can help you boost your store sales in 2020.

Let us have a look at these top extensions that can increase your sales rapidly.

Magento 2 Add Field to Checkout

Due to the risks with the security of online businesses, merchants are
more concerned about verifying the authenticity of their customers.

Sometimes when a customer is ready to make a purchase, the already integrated checkout field is not enough to verify the credentials of the customers.

This extension allows adding additional fields in the checkout page to ask for more information from the customers.

With the help of this extension, merchants can integrate different fields such as text area, date, ratio buttons, drop-down options, check boxes and much more.

Magento 2 shop by brand

You can optimize your website’s navigation by manifesting brands on the
top by integrating shop by brand extension.

You can assist your customers by letting them explore your store more efficiently and reach the intended section of the website.

You can also assign a separate page for individual brand products. Moreover, you can also embed a search box affixed by filters for easy direction.

Product questions

Customers hesitate in buying any product online until and unless they are sure about its quality. So before purchasing any product, they are likely to know about it by asking questions about the product they are interested in buying.

It will help in building trust in their minds and their doubts regarding the product will be erased.

Reward points extension

During the festivals or any other special occasion, many online buyers
aim to grab the best bargain deals and discounts on their favorite stores.

If you own a Magneto store and want to surprise your customers or target audience in the most engaging ways, reward point extension is a great choice to go with.

For example, Luma is one such Magneto extension that allows the store admins to give reward points on different purchases by the shoppers.

Store pickup

Magento 2 store pickup extension saves the time and energy of the
customers by allowing them to pick their purchased items from the Closest

With the help of this extension, customers have the option to choose store pick up as their shipping procedure and can find the store location nearest to them with the help of Google Maps with the right date & time for the pickup.

Abandoned cart follow up email extension

Many times when a better deal is available online, your target customers
are likely to leave their shopping cart abandoned and jump to competitors.

If you are facing this, an abandoned cart follow up email extension is the right choice as this will send timely emails to your customers to remind them about the abandoned items in the shopping cart on your Magento store.

To encourage the customers to make the purchase, store owners can also provide some exciting discounts and offers to the customers so that they will come back on your eCommerce business website.

Out of Stock Notification

There is nothing more annoying than finding Which one product that you
always wanted to buy and then facing the “out of stock” tag.

How annoying it feels, right? The top way to avoid this situation is by having an ‘out of the stock’ notification Magento extension that will send a notification every time a product goes out of stock to do you can put it in your wishlist and buy it as soon as it comes back in stock.

In Magneto eCommerce store development – like what we do at METIZSOFT – the websites can be enhanced with the help of most efficient Magento extensions.

With amazing features and extra functionalities, these extensions take care of most of the tasks related to your online store.

As the year 2020 is coming, gear up to boost your sales with the help of the mentioned Magento extensions.

In this list, we have listed the best seven Magento 2 extensions that will be very helpful for eCommerce store development in 2020 and will take your business to new heights.



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