3 Success Principles For Novice Product Managers in Startups

Principles I’ve learned to have while going through my product management journey

Photo by Lindsay Henwood on Unsplash

When I started working in my first company after university graduation, I had never thought of going into the path of becoming a product manager. I started as a delivery team member, who was responsible for creating and delivering customized products, i.e. mobile Apps, on behalf of clients I worked with. With a large variety of skill sets I obtained as a technical product specialist, I was using my best ability to discover a profession that I could continue to grow in that could create a much bigger impact.

Eventually, a product team was formed within the company after a few rounds of investment funding was confirmed. I discovered that product manager could potentially be the role I was looking for — I could make an impact on not only a few clients that I worked with but a wide range of clients that used the product.

My determination to become part of the product team had paid off with the blessing of my manager and the trust of the company, I became a junior product owner within the team, working with two other product managers.

Working in a newly formed product team within a startup company, I placed myself in probably one of the most challenging positions, but at the same time a very important position for the company’s future.

In this article, I want to discuss some key principles that I found very important for product managers and product owners, especially ones with little to zero experience, to have a higher chance in succeeding within the company.

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