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I’ve compiled a list of personal favorite devs on YouTube. I’ve added a couple of lines on each channel too, so it’s easier to get what channel is about and why I included it. Enjoy!

Lots of awesome crash-courses on various tech. Usually follows 20/80 rule on theory and practical side respectively. Lately some awesome guest hosts on the channel.

High-quality content in various technologies cut down in short videos on a particular topic. Awesome playlists.

Wide range of tech topics. The content is always well researched. Well-thought-out presentation with examples.

Open thoughts on various topics (not necessarily direct coding-related always). Knows his stuff and a nice touch of humor here and there.

Great videos on languages, tools, practices, tips to become a developer. Lately a lot of live coding on the channel.

Lots of live coding there, with live viewer interaction in the chat. Will answer your questions when possible. Might be fast-paced at times.

High-quality content. Topics are deep researched and the content is well-thought-out and easy to follow.

A must-have if you are in computers in general. A closer look at how things work, what’s happening behind the scenes, and more.

Modern and cutting edge technologies. Awesome visuals and concise information. Quality content overall.

Likes challenges, like doing X projects in X amount of time. Lot’s of live coding mixed with separate videos on specific topics.

Best place for full-length tutorials (often 8 hours +). Lots of projects you can make practical use of afterward.

High-quality videos and topics are often explained better than elsewhere. Great thumbnails for easy navigation.

A must-have for full-stack JS engineers. Lots of awesome projects focusing on both sides of the stack and how to deploy them.

Ex-Google and Ex-Facebook engineer on various topics. Surely knows his stuff, tho, if you are a beginner, you might have trouble deciding whether he is for real or trolling at times.

Quality, well-edited content. Similar to TechLead, but generally more artistic and movie-like. Likes to put an Easter-egg here and there too.

Awesome channel if you are learning algorithms and data structures. Would highly recommend especially if you are in the job-seeking phase and preparing for interviews.

One of the most recent channels. Specifies in JS game development. Easy to follow. Great resource if you are looking to learn vanilla JS.

Very enthusiastic about the topics. Surely knows his stuff. Usually fan interaction simultaneously during live coding sessions.

One of the best selling instructors on Udemy has an awesome YouTube channel. Visually pleasing and high-quality content.

High-quality content. Very easy to follow. Will present you a magic trick in the beginning here and there.

Great content, knows his stuff. Has been inactive lately, tho lots of great resources there, especially yearly developer roadmaps.

High-quality content. Great if you are looking for advanced JS or learning Canvas. Lots of best practices and elegant code.

Creates useful AMAs and live videos often to interact with followers. Other videos short and concise on topic.

Does some live coding once in a while. Knows his stuff and is a pleasure to listen to (as we know from Syntax.fm )

This is basically TED for coders. A lot of awesome full-length tech talks posted there.

Among the first YouTube dev channels. Very detailed, tho pretty fast-paced cover of features. Great for refreshing the particular tech.

Great channel on a wide variety of tech. Lots of tutorials sorted in the playlists based on the experience level of the viewer.

Formerly MMTuts. Recently changed the channel name and added gameplays and vlogs too. Great playlists on different tech.

Latest updates and future plans, news on cutting-edge tech. Also reports from events and interesting talks.

Honest reviews and lots of real-life situations like interviews and such. No hidden meanings, straight to the point.

Tips on how to become a developer and stay productive, advice on how to find a job, negotiate salaries, strategies to use on online businesses.

Must-have for all the front-end devs out there. Lots of modern design tutorials, good for learning design tools and techniques.

Founder of css-tricks.com. As you might guess – mainly front-end oriented stuff in the channel. Grid, responsive design and all the good stuff.

Mainly thoughts on broader and open topics like tool comparisons, career tips, top tech lists, advice on how to’s, opinions, etc.

Lots of awesome talks on all the JS related topics. A great resource to follow along with modern trends and ever-evolving environment.

I felt like talking about YouTube channels the list would not be complete without mentioning some other channels that are non-directly related to coding. Here are some extras:

Everything around math and numbers. Awesome and enthusiastic hosts. Interesting topics and easy to follow.

Quality over quantity at it’s purest. Uses manim opensource-engine for animations. Mindblowing stuff.

38. ColdFusion

Well-researched content in various tech fields. Quality audio and editing.

I hope you enjoyed the read!

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