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The Blockchain is well poised to revitalize stagnant industries by overhauling old-fashioned business transaction processes. In recent years, distributed ledger technology (DLT) technology has found use cases in multiple sectors including Fintech, supply chain management, Digital Identity, and much more.

Virtual hackathons contribute to growth in the nascent blockchain industry by empowering developers to create new ways to accelerate the global adoption of DLT networks. 

Dev teams often join these events to access top-notch blockchain development tools and frameworks that allow them to build, test and pitch ground-breaking apps that pave the way for blockchain innovation to reach the masses. Participants collaborate and compete with other talented individuals/teams to ‘hack’ blockchain networks to root out bugs in various decentralized protocols.

As an added incentive, contestants get to network with their peers and benefit from expert feedback from leading industry experts. Moreover, developers contribute to hackathons for the chance to sharpen their working knowledge of the blockchain, allowing them to establish themselves as professionals in the niche sector.

Teams that build the best decentralized applications (dApps) on top of the open-source architecture or unearth new vulnerabilities in various protocols stand to win amazing prizes and bug bounties. They also get to build their reputation among the developer community.

Blockchain Events in 2021 – 2022

This article looks at four blockchain hackathon events that tech enthusiasts and forward-thinking enterprise leaders should keep their eye on in the coming weeks and months.

1. The aelf ‘Top of OASIS’ Hackathon

aelf (ELF), a decentralized blockchain with the most advanced and secure cloud computing infrastructure, is preparing to tackle its ‘Top of OASIS’ hackathon. The event is scheduled to start on December 12, 2021, facilitating the development of Metaverse-themed projects on the aelf ecosystem. 

Participants will help to accelerate the growth of the ecosystem in tracks such as DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, Web 3.0, and distributed autonomous organizations (DAOs). 

Developers worldwide can join the Top of OASIS contest to access state-of-the-art tools and frameworks that help them build unique blockchain apps on aelf. 

The hackathon organizers aim to bring DLT technology closer to novel and skilled dev teams to get them acquainted with the tools needed to build Metaverse-centric apps.

The upcoming event promises to offer an experience that no hacker or blockchain enthusiast would want to miss. Participants will have a chance to network with their peers, interact with mentors in engaging tutorial sessions, and compete to bag $680K in prizes.

2. The Metis Ethereum Hackathon

Metis is an Ethereum compatible Layer-2 Optimistic Rollup ecosystem tailored to the emerging Web3 economy. Developers worldwide can register to join the Metis (METIS) hackathon by December 30, 2021 for a chance to build Ethereum-based dApps that can be deployed quickly on Metis Layer-2. 

The hackathon seeks to onboard fresh projects into the Metis ecosystem in niche areas like DeFi solutions, scalable dApps, DAOs, and DEXs. 

Developers of all skill levels can build or migrate existing Ethereum dApps into the Metis ecosystem and enjoy multiple benefits such as fast transactions, ultra-low fees, and complete compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). 

Software developers have a chance to contribute to the Metis Layer 2 with their innovations, enticing industry participants looking to form DAOs on the platform while building next-generation Ethereum dApps on Metis. 

Anyone with the skills to develop new EVM-compatible dApps for blockchain-based gaming, NFT minting, and DeFi can join the Metis hackathon to claim a share of the $1M $METIS prize pool.

3. Effect Network 1st Hackathon

This blockchain event invites developers to join by January 11, 2022, for a chance to build the Future-of-Work with the new Effect SDK, a decentralized gateway to all the world’s talent.

Effect Network has emerged as the first blockchain-based framework aiming to establish a platform where institutions can access the world’s diverse talent. Individuals can leverage the network to access well-paying work at any time and from anywhere across the globe. 

The platform invites developers to join their upcoming hackathon summit and create an innovative product via which workers can access a fair and vibrant online workspace that empowers them to earn a meaningful income. Ordinary folks will leverage the network to complete tasks on the blockchain and earn the native EFX token.

Blockchain developers can utilize the network’s software development kit to build dApps that enable individuals worldwide to access work and earn a decent income.  

Moreover, participants in the first hackathon will be facilitated to develop apps that offer businesses the best blockchain-based framework to access an on-demand workforce and seamlessly outsource repetitive tasks.

Participants in the hackathon who do their best to create innovative products for the Effect Network workforce will have a chance to earn over $55k in prizes. 

4. The FreeTON Blockchain Virtual Hackathon

The Next Top TON Startup competition and accelerator program is a virtual hackathon hosted on the freeTON blockchain. The annual hackathon enables global entrants to contribute to blockchain development and interact with industry leaders to build the technology of the future. 

Scheduled to kick off in January 2022, the popular event offers a unique opportunity for blockchain developers to develop, test, and present their ideas in front of execs and investors from the TON Alliance.

Participants can win crypto bounties worth up to 50K TON Crystal tokens and benefit from mentorship and operational support. Winners also stand a chance of access to opportunities that go beyond the hackathon, including membership to the FreeTON Defi Alliance partner program. 

Final Thoughts

Blockchain applications require technical brilliance to thrive and cannot achieve their full potential without the input of the developer community. Hackathon events present the perfect platform to foster proactive developer participation in building the DLT apps of the future. 

Blockchain events offer developers an opportunity to test their creative and technical skills while designing innovative ideas in a competitive, collaborative atmosphere. Participants also root out vulnerabilities in web3 apps and smart contracts, instilling trust, transparency, and accountability in the blockchain space. 

In conclusion, summits such as aelf hackathon help bring developers worldwide together, creating an environment where contributors can collaborate to actualize a world driven by decentralized applications.