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June 18th 2020

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Common Question: Can I republish content on Hacker Noon if I’ve already published it elsewhere?

Answer: Yes. You can absolutely repost content on Hacker Noon, even if it’s already been published elsewhere.

4 Fun Facts You Should Know About Republishing [Branded] Content on Hacker Noon

1. If you don’t suggest one, Hacker Noon’s Editors’ will give your story a new title. 

One of the great things about writing for Hacker Noon is that you get free editorial support, audience expertise, and content optimization from our Team of (very) human Editors. (We also retitle republished content for SEO purposes, so as not to cannibalize your traffic.)

2. If You Are Republishing Branded Content, Your Account Should Be a Personal One.

If you want to create a branded profile on Hacker Noon, that’s what our (paid) Brand-As-Author sponsorship program is for.

Hacker Loophole: You are permitted to republish brand, business, startup, personal blog, or newsletter content on Hacker Noon, provided that your profile is personal and unbranded. I.e.: Your profile picture, name, and bio refer to a human, and not a brand.

(P.S.: You can still use your Customizable Profile CTA to drive traffic to your aforementioned for-profit places!)

3. You Can Insert a Canonical Link Back to the Original Content.

Look for the ‘First Seen At’ field in your story settings. 

IMPORTANT: This may contribute to your site authority, but it means it won’t be picked up by all of our content distribution channels.

4. If you are overly promotional about inserting “this was originally published here” links everywhere, you risk getting rejected.

Just saying.

It’s unnecessary.

We got you.


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