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Let’s admit it.

Typical software is old-school in the tech industry now.

Companies find subscription based services more comfy these days.

Are you still toying around the idea of picking SaaS for your business?

I will walk you through 4 reasons why you need SaaS for your business.

Let’s dive in!

Time is money

It may sound a cliche but it is so true even today.

Investing in a fancy ERP tool to run your company may be risky when it comes to time or money you invest.

It can take upto 2 to 3 million dollars or more.

Now with SaaS, you can pay money in tiny amounts.

No need to put in alot of capital for things to run.

You can save alot of that capital to use for sales and marketing efforts.

Smart investment, right?

2. Speed of deployment

Now this one is really important to take into account.

Let’s say you have to deploy the hardware, find some place in the data room, install the OS, it can take a lot of time.

Maybe, days or months before everything settles.


Now who got that much of time?

Obviously, no one.

Now with SaaS, you, as a business owner can just look up on the internet, pick a software, start a trial right away.

Smooth sail without any winds!

No risks taken in terms of money or time.

You can add your staff and just start working real quick.

3. Opex and Capex

Operating expenses are things you can write off, okay?

Office supply cost or travel expenses are best examples.

Capital expense, you can’t write it off.

Examples: rent or salary to employees.

You have to depreciate it over time.

Well, servers and software were capex capital a decade ago.

Now you can pay for the exact time you need software as a service.

Thus, it is now shifted to operating expense and now tax friendly too.

4. Responsibility is on software creator

You can just take the back seat when it comes to success of using the software.

You don’t have to worry how to make the software work for better results.

It’s not your job anymore. Phew!

If you find the software hard to use, deploy or get no value out of it, then you can always go for another competitor.

Pressure or responsibility to make software work good s now with the software creator.

No strings attached!

You didn’t make any risky upfront investment, right?

You are still in trial mode while using SaaS.

So, it’s safe for your business.

They often give around 7, 14 or 30 days trial for you to figure out or make a decision.

Moreover, SaaS products have some amazing interfaces and are compatible with many devices.

What else could you ask for, as a business owner?

Anything I missed?

Let me know in the comments!

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