47 Useful Websites for Makers – Hacker Noon

producthunt.com — Discover cool new products

carrd.co — Make simple one-page websites

docparser.com — Extract data from PDF to Excel

postinspect.com — Discover the best times to post to reddit

useloom.com — Free screen & video recording software

autopick.co — Scan any highlighted text and leave everything else behind

growsurf.com — Free referral marketing software

proofread.carrd.co — Blog post editing service for non-native English speakers

witeboard.com — Real time whiteboard for remote collaboration

getrevue.co — Editorial-style Mailchimp alternative

nocode.tech — Free tools & resources for non-technical makers

indiehackers.com — Community of entrepreneurs helping eachother

pexels.com — Free stock photo site

unsplash.com — Free stock photo site (2)

screenshot.guru — Capture screenshots of web pages

lukaszadam.com/illustrations — Free icons & illustrations

unfurlr.com — Find the original url behind a short URL

iconfinder.com — Place to search for icons (free and paid)

coralcdn.org — If a site is down, access it trough coralcdn

ctrlq.org/first — Find first tweet ever

e.ggtimer.com — A simple online timer for your daily needs

wetransfer.com — Tranfer big files for free

virusscan.jotti.org — Scan any suspicious file

scr.im — Protect your e-mail against spam

fonts.google.com — Download free fonts

join.me — Share your screen with anyone

gtmetrix.com— Check your website for speed issues

privnote.com — Create self-destructing text nodes

ifixit.com — Guides to fix almost anything

10minutemail.com — Create a 10 minute e-mail

alternativeto.net — Find free software recommendation

canva.com — Create amazing designs for free

buzzsumo.com — Check most shared content

undraw.co — Free flat illustration

trello.com — Organize your projects for free

notifia.io — Free Software to Collect Emails and boost Conversions

hotjar.com — See videos of how visitors use your site

ahrefs.com — Track website backlinks

manychat.com — FB Messenger Tools/Bots

builtwith.com — Find out what Websites are built with

adbeat.com — Watch Competitor Ads

justreachout.io — Pitch/find Journalists & Bloggers

answerthepublic.com — Find popular questions in your niche

junglescout.com — Amazon Research Platform

snagshout.com — Review Friendly People

mailist.app — Save articles you want to read and have them emailed to you

bubble.is — Build a web app with no code

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