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The supply chain and logistics professionals are now of a firm belief that mobile apps have become a necessary tool for them. Bringing in the factor of ‘mobility’ when it comes to accessing transport, product and goods data, supply chain mobile apps have given these professionals a chance to unglue from their desks.

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There was a time when such supply chain professionals had to invest a lot of crucial time and money for the rugged devices to simply manage their warehouses and inventories, well, gone are those days. Mobile applications have taken over these devices, making them look pretty irrelevant. For most of the open source operating systems, such mobile applications have either proven to be very reasonable or free.

Cost and mobility are not the only features that have boosted the usage of these mobile apps, but…

> Real-time updates
> Precision monitoring
> Increased efficiency and productivity
> Efficiency, hence better customer service

Now, let’s take a sneak peek at the top mobile apps that have beautified the supply chain operations and brightened its future…

#1 Logistimo Plus

A blessing in disguise to many retail startups and the ones in rural areas, Logistimo enables to easily manage the supply chain operations. Constant visibility of your inventory and orders, easy sales and purchase reports, product demand forecasting and stock replenishment, are the key features of Logistimo app.

All the authorized and relative suppliers are instantly provided the entire aggregated data on their respective devices i.e. desktop web browsers or mobile phone app. An alert message or email can be sent to an agent or number of agents linked to a specific supply chain at the time of stock out, order cancellation, etc. Logistimo keeps a track of your sales reports and keeps on sending you stocking recommendations and optimized replenishment details via SMS or email, thus making inventory management easy.

#2 Mobile SCM

Mobile SCM helps the supply chain professionals and retailers to stay in control when it comes to trade & logistics. Apart from being cost-effective, Mobile SCM monitors the entire supply chain, tracks fleet & shipment, reconciles inventory, and delivers the best return on investments. Mobile SCM has a middleware, which helps you to easily integrate it with your existing SCM application or database.

#3 LINK Bolloré Logistics

LINK app enables you to grab a brand new digital experience for an optimal supply chain. Offers you new features to efficiently manage your shipments, more serenely and safely from container to item.

With a simple and intuitive interface to track your shipments, orders and transport orders through maps, supply chain experts also have a feature to stay connected to the priority mailings through push notifications. The finalization of the delivery process can be done by getting the seller or customer signature directly on the screen.

It’s not necessary that you must always have an internet service to use this app. You can simply work offline and synchronize the data once the connectivity is available.

#4 Scandit

Scandit has taken barcode scanning to all another level. A sheer optimization of all the rugged devices and software, this app is a one-stop solution to your barcode scanning and stock management. Can transform any smartphone, tablet or wearable device into an enterprise-grade barcode scanning tool. This app also enables you to download high-quality barcode images which can easily be used for printing on product packages.

Optimized Scan Modes and UI styles for various use cases: 1D Retail Codes, 1D Industrial Codes, QR Codes, ID License PDF417, 2D Codes, DPM codes, scan Multiple Codes at Once, select One of Many Codes in a list, Tiny Codes, Case mode, scan From Far Away, With Front Facing Camera, or Fast Short Range scanning.

#5 EazyStock

If you are looking for a software which also has an app of its own to manage your inventory, EazyStock is to your rescue. It gives you an access to everything that you desire from your ERP system data when you are on the go. EazyStock features powerful inventory reports to the retailers/sellers/wholesalers, financial controllers and purchasing managers, with an all-around view of the inventory that they carry.

Inventory Dashboard:
Stock Level Reports
Historical Snapshot Reports
Excess Stock Report
SKU Counts of Inventory Items

KPI Reports:
Monthly Historical Reports
Inventory Turnover Ratios
Service Level Reports

Inventory Details:
Item Filtering and Sorting / Item Details


These are the 5 best mobile apps you can opt for when it comes to supply chain management. Reasonable, and dynamic are the words that best describe these apps for your inventory management.

If you have any application that you think can be on the list, leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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