5 Best Sentiment Analysis Companies and Tools for Machine Learning

Looking for sentiment analysis companies or sentiment annotation tools? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will briefly explain what sentiment analysis is, and introduce companies that provide sentiment annotation tools and services.

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis is the process of identifying the emotion and/or opinion within unstructured text. The text can be in the form of customer reviews, social media posts, and more. This process allows you to accurately gauge customer opinion about your brand, products, or services. Using this information, you can respond to customers accordingly, protect your brand reputation, and perhaps even predict sales projections or plan future strategy.

Best Sentiment Analysis Companies and Tools for Machine Learning

The following companies provide services in sentiment analysis or sentiment annotation. Some of the companies provide tools and APIs which you can use to automate sentiment analysis for your brand. As well, I have included companies that provide sentiment annotation services for data scientists looking to build sentiment classifiers and other models.  

1. Lionbridge AI – Sentiment Annotation

One of the leaders in data annotation, Lionbridge provides various annotation services for machine learning. With over 20 years of experience in linguistics, sentiment annotation is one of the company’s areas of expertise. Lionbridge provides a proprietary sentiment annotation platform for data labelling

With numerous case studies on their work on virtual assistants and proofreading tools, the company has a proven track record in the industry and an impressive client list. Furthermore, they have a large database of annotators able to provide sentiment annotation services in 300 languages.

2. Scale AI – Sentiment Annotation

Scale AI is a managed services company that is known for providing  image annotation services. While the company began by solely providing data labelling services for computer vision, they have since added a natural language processing (NLP) section to their site. Part of their NLP suite involves sentiment and intent analysis.

3. Lexalytics – Social Media Monitoring

Unlike Lionbridge and Scale, Lexalytics does not offer human-powered sentiment annotation services. Instead, the company offers a cloud-based API that can draw insights from unstructured text data. For sentiment analysis specifically, the company lists social media monitoring as one of their core services. 

4. Monkey Learn – Sentiment Classifier

While not yet as large as the previously mentioned companies, Monkey Learn has an incredibly user-friendly platform. The company provides pre-built classifiers for automated text classification and text extraction tasks. They have both text classification and text extraction APIs for sentiment analysis and other use cases. 

5. Figure Eight – Sentiment Annotation

Recently acquired by Appen, Figure Eight is another provider of various managed data annotation services. They have a large list of data annotation services, particularly within the field of NLP. Now partnered with a larger data annotation company, they have access to a broader database of crowdworkers for their projects.

There is sometimes confusion regarding analysis tools for businesses and sentiment annotation services for the creation of sentiment analysis solutions.

To be clear, here is a quick recap of the companies above:

Sentiment Annotation Service Providers are companies that utilize human staff and/or AI-assisted tools to annotate text data. This data is used to build and train machine-learning based solutions and applications. 

Lionbridge AI
Scale AI
Figure Eight

Sentiment Analysis Tools and APIs are AI-powered software that are already built and ready to analyze the sentiment, emotion, and opinion within your text data.

Monkey Learn

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