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Integrating Zendesk and Slack will team up to be the numero uno business productivity tool that synergizes throughout. It is more like clubbing the best DNAs to get the unique genera characterized by the best genetic attributes’ of both. Unsurprisingly, such an ensemble offers smooth ticket flow, reduces resolution latency and customer churn across businesses’ sales, support, and communication landscape while enabling superior service and collaboration.

Combining both empowers business users to connect any data source without complex IT support in place. Together, it streamlines mission-critical customer support tasks and keeps the bottom-line in the loop while touching the workflows’ contact points. In this article, let’s explore the productivity automation achievable by integrating Slack and Zendesk.

There are several benefits of integrating both, allowing interaction with Zendesk Support tickets in your Slack channels. Let’s analyze the various Productivity automation that Slack and Zendesk can achieve and how you can easily enable the integration flawlessly.

1. Slack Notifications for New Tickets

Customer issues should be dealt with at the earliest to maintain customer service and meet the customer’s requirements. Support issues are to be attended to in minimum time, which could be made possible only if the team is notified of it without delay. Specified slack channels can be used to receive information about Zendesk Support ticket events, to which detailed information on the ticket will be displayed. This could range from the subject to the person it has been assigned to.

To enable this, Zendesk has inbuilt Slack integration that enables sending messages to Slack and keeping them discoverable through searches. When we keep Zendesk to Slack integration template on, a message will be sent to the channel or the person corresponding whenever a Zendesk ticket is generated. They even provide an opportunity to customize the ticket, including ticket description, due date, type, and the like. This would make it easy to categorize the issue and let the personals resolve it without delay. Even if a ticket has been left unanswered, you will receive a notification on it to fix the problems earliest, providing the customer a quality experience.

The tickets can be notified in different ways to the corresponding team members. Certain people might have been used to Slack notification; you shall ping the corresponding person, which alerts them that you are waiting for a notification. On the other hand, for those who prefer to have notifications via email, Zendesk has automation through which alerts can be sent as email.

2. Resolving customer issues faster

Certain issues might require a developer’s assistance. The combined power of both Zendesk and Slack is highly effective in achieving this. Those who do not work under the support will not be having access to the support tools. It could be made possible to grant the others temporary access so that we can grant them permission to the tickets.

They could be sent tickets to Slack, which helps them look at the issue raised and resolve it. Eventually, the company will be much more effective in customer service, thereby maintaining a closer relationship with the customer.

3. Building closer customer relations

Customer relations can be enhanced as the sales team will be enabled to connect with new users quickly while integrating themselves with the support team, who can interfere and resolve issues at the earliest. There is no requirement for a manual connection to join the channels to connect each customer. However, sales can invite support directly to provide support immediately or provide them with a Zendesk ticket.

We can provide better and improved support to our valued customers or VIP members. They can be invited into Slack, and our team can be made available to them whenever they are in need. Your agents can also find it highly impressive. They shall add an emoji to raise a ticket whenever they come across an important message. As it can be connected to the ticket form, the command can quickly note the form’s required fields.

This enables tracking to be done through Zendesk even though the conversation and other communication can be channelized through Slack. This accustoms both a better relationship as well as enhanced and effective customer service and satisfaction.

4. Maintaining Feedback Loop and Creating Requester

With the help of automation, feedback in Slack can be viewed at any point in time. An individual’s feedback shall be intimated with them with the help of an incoming webhook in Slack. This helps them understand their own work progress and what improvements are required for betterment. The same could be provided to channels that aid them in enabling tabs for customer comments. The team leader can offer them a channel where the entire team members can view the customer comments and view them at any point in time.

Besides, when a new or unfamiliar user creates a Zendesk Support ticket, the automation creates a new Zendesk user, and the ticket will be assigned to the new Zendesk user. On the other hand, if an agent creates a ticket on behalf of someone, there are two options available- either a user can be selected from an existing list, or a new end-user can be created for them.

5. Support made simple by minimal hurdles

It is obviously challenging to adapt to new devices and tools while answering customer queries. These might affect the quality of information as well as the number of questions answered by the team. The repeated changes from Slack and Zendesk might create an increased workload for the team. The perfect solution for this is to combine the powers of both into one.

Other than mere access to both, they can keep a regular watch over the notifications to prompt the pending tickets. Apart from that, the team members can keep themselves connected and seek help from other members whenever they need it and maintain quality relationships with the customers, giving the VIP customers utmost importance.

Inducing side conversations in Zendesk is also useful as agents can use them in tickets to initiate and participate in Slack threads. They shall even use Answer Bots to listen to certain channels. They could provide solutions to specific queries by giving suggestions of articles from the knowledge base. 

Bottom Line:

The possibility of creating your kind of combination based on the unique requirement is vast, specifically with the right integration tools.


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