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This pandemic is the perfect time to focus on our side hustle. Saying that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented disruption to the economy is probably the understatement of the century.

As someone who has experienced unemployment 3 times in 2 years, I can imagine what it must feel like to be a fresh graduate, to be retrenched, or to be furloughed in these tough times.

While searching for a job now is your main concern (and rightfully so) why not take this chance to go on a better trajectory for your career?

Whether you have a dream of selling your own private label, starting your own digital marketing agency, or opening a burrito franchise, with technology so advanced you can build anything on your own.

This article will briefly outline how you can use productivity tools to your full advantage as a Solopreneur.

If your work entails sending or signing a lot of contracts, whether it be
financial agreements, NDAs or sales contracts, it is crucial to have an
e-signature solution. Signing contracts can cause a lot of unnecessary hassle: from printing contracts, putting pen to paper or scanning the document and filing it. This can cause a huge dent to your productivity.

DottedSign is an e-signature solution where you can assign contracts to the client using mobile or PC. For clients who have not signed, you can set auto-reminders when creating the signing task to ensure that documents are signed on time.

Once the document is completed, all parties will receive the completed document and audit trail, automating the process of onboarding new clients.

Furthermore, DottedSign has provided all sorts of advanced features for both individual and team signing needs, namely DottedSign Pro, Business and Enterprise. For those who need to handle regular routine signing tasks, creating a set of templates can definitely save you time repeating the assigning process.

Plus you will come across some scenarios where supporting documents are required in the contracts or forms, for instance a copy of ID, driving license or certificate. DottedSign allows signers to request one or multiple attachments together with the tasks sent. This can effectively replace the process of collecting materials from various emails, simplifying the business process.

For those who command a smooth teamwork to boost business growth, DottedSign Admin Console offers an all-in-one-place centralized management center to manage team members and track each task’s progress in real-time.

For solopreneurs, branding is everything and we know all the details matter. DottedSign takes care of this aspect by allowing Business plan users to manage their company information and logo. This will add to your task emails when requesting others’ signatures, so when your clients receive an email, they will see your logo, not ours, which builds trust with them in a long-term credibility sense.

In addition, you can download the audit trail as a record for legal evidence in the event of any dispute in the future. DottedSign is best used with mobile with friendly user interface design so that you can work with ease when traveling or commuting.

When first starting, there are a million tasks to execute on, with each task looking more important than the next. This may be overwhelming, especially if you are used to working in a more structured environment.

Workflowy is a great tool to break down large chunks of your work into more manageable pieces. By using Workflowy you can break down a project into its finer details using bullet points.

As seen in the above example, each main thread is broken into different sub-sections, with each sub-section broken down into individual tasks.

You can cross out the tasks once it is completed, which should help you keep track of your progress on a project without feeling overwhelmed.

Once you have more than one project to work on, give each project an individual tag for easier tracking.

As one person running a business, keeping track of the business expenses and doing the accounting can be highly time-consuming.

While you may find tracking of expenses unnecessary, keeping track of your costs is the difference between a profitable venture and one that is operating at a loss.

Expensify helps you automate this process, significantly reducing the time it takes for you to track expenses. When you take a photo of your receipt it will transcribe the data and store it for you.

To fully use this tool, integrate your credit card and apps such as Uber with Expensify to automatically record and reconcile your business expenses.

By automating expense tracking you can spend the bulk of your time working on projects or finding new leads for your business.

Note-taking is an underrated aspect of managing clients. Understanding the exact needs of your client in meetings is essential for getting the work done with little to no revisions needed.
Evernote is a great note-taking tool you can use in client meetings. The app lets you save your notes web pages, images, PDF files and of course text.

One of the features you can use in client meetings is the “search for text in images function” After a brainstorming session, notes taken on paper and the whiteboard may get quite messy.

Simply take a photo of the whiteboard and Evernote will decipher the text for easier reference to notes that were taken.

Client meetings, sales calls, calls with freelancers. As a Solopreneur, meetings are going to take up a lot of your time.

If you are not careful, these meetings may too much of your time, leaving you with little time for the actual work, much less have a life outside of work.
Calendly helps you automate your scheduling for these meetings, where the other party books your time based on the remaining timeslots on your schedule.

This way, you can minimize the time wasted engaging in back and forth to settle on the meeting date and time with the other party. Furthermore, to give yourself more preparation time, you can add in buffer times before or after a meeting.

There are two kinds of people across the freelance/Solopreneur spectrum when it comes to valuing their work, especially in the beginning.

First, some people charge a lot more than the market rate. Even worse are freelancers/Solopreneurs who do that even with a little track record to show for.

On the other hand, there are freelancers/Solopreneur who undervalue their work and charge less than what they are worth.

Knowing the right price to charge for your product/service is as important as receiving inbound leads. You do not want to waste all that hard work getting a new client just to sell yourself short.

In contrast, if you are just getting started you may need to charge below the market rate first to build your credibility.

Whether you are selling a physical product or an online service, now is the best time to build your side hustle on your own. Leverage these online tools and start your journey of becoming a Solopreneur today!


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