5 Ways to Use the Instagram Conversion Pixel

The most important aspect of advertising via social media is to get results and see your marketing efforts working. Facebook owns Instagram making Instagram one of the leading networks for businesses to advertise on. So it only makes sense that business want to see direct results. Instagram offers a conversion pixel through Facebook to help with this. 

Wondering what a conversion pixel is? You’re not alone! According to Efferent Media, “a conversions pixel is a bit of HTML code that presents a 1×1 pixel on the landing page of your choice on your website.” Therefore, when someone clicks on the pixel you can track how many of those interested leads are being converted. 


The first way to use the conversion Pixel is to install and understand how the tool works. If you want to track each page of your website, then it needs to be added to ever page. This allows you to gather data on all the views for each page. Once the pixel is added, you will be able to set up conversion tracking. 

Action Tracking Options

Think about what your advertising objective is and then decide what action you want to track. Currently, there are nine options which include add to cart, search, add payment info, purchase, complete registration, and more. Understanding your advertising objective will allow you to place the pixel in the right places on your website so when Instagram users click on your pixel, they are routed to the correct page and you are tracking the accurate data. 

Split Conversion Events

With any advertising, it’s important to test and compare. When using the conversion pixel, choose to track multiple pages that are led from different action events by the users. This pixel split will let you see which page is converting the most leads and which ad is creating the most interest. 

Improve Remarketing

Take advantage of the remarketing opportunity with conversion pixel. A pixel makes it possible to increase your brand awareness because of the remarketing that comes with the website traffic. When a visitor clicks on a pixel, they are routed to your website which you can then continue to market to through the remarketing features offered on Instagram and Facebook. 

Creating Custom Audience 

Another way to use the conversion pixel is by using it to create a targeted audience by creating a video ad or you can you use Instagram downloader to get any ad copy of videos from Instagram. You are not only tracking the visitors of your website, but you are tracking the type of visitors on your website and what they are doing.

Is the visitor shopping? Searching? Filling out a registration? Regardless of what that visitors are doing, when you can track the action of the conversions then you can better understand your target audience.

Creating similar custom audiences based on people who visit and sign up for your website will also help you make more relevant ads for your audience. 

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