Six Free Editing Tools to Improve Writing for Bloggers

Reading your article over and over, scrutinizing for even a minor mistake and then sending it to the editor, is what writers find the most tedious part of writing. And, this long process can make you hate your writing skills.

But, this process can be cut short. Various writing tools will not only make your editing process easy or say on-the-spot but will also help you in improving your skills.

Below is the list of editing tools that bloggers use to improve their writing and edit their articles. Have a look.

The majority of the writers use Grammarly for editing their articles. It can be easily integrated on WordPress, Google Chrome, and can also be installed as the keyboard in the mobile phones. So, no matter what you are using to write your blog, Grammarly will be there for your assistance.

It helps in correcting grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, passive voice, and many other minors and major grammar errors. You can choose the tone of your article as per your domain of the website.

However, if you are worried about the cost of Grammarly, then you can just use it for free for the lifetime. Though, if you want to use its all options then it’s worth to purchase it. If you are confused about investing in the Grammarly, read the article – Grammarly Review – is it worth the hype or not?

It is one of the most famous style editors. Like other editing tools, ProWritingAid also checks for the grammar errors, misuse of punctuations, overuse words, spelling mistakes, passive voice, etc. but it also looks for the writing styles.

This editing software is the best for improving your writing skills. It gives an in-depth report of all the errors they have made. This helps them in learning grammar techniques while writing blogs.

Also, its features like finding the right words, remove repetitive words, point out the clichés, and many others which you can read from the ProWritingAid review.

Hemingway Editor is another editing tool that bloggers use to learn quickly and it edits fast.

The best part about this editing tool is it has different color codes for types of error writers make. For example, a wordy sentence is highlighted with the yellow color and other errors are highlighted by red color.

It gives more clarity and power to write up by eliminating errors like adverbs, passive voice, and complicated words.

Ginger Software also ranks among the top editing tools that can help bloggers in improving their writing skills.

It has an inbuilt sentence rephraser that helps in simplifying the complicated or long sentences. It has its own dictionary and a translator that can translate the text onto 50 other languages.

Ginger software is more like a personal trainer who pinpoints your every grammatical mistake and helps you in writing a more effective article.

The best thing about WebSpellChecker is it gives you two options to edit your content. Either you can correct your content while writing or you can choose another option that allows you to correct in another window without making changes in your writing.

The software indicates the mistake by underlining it and when you over the cursor then you can correct it.

This way you can correct and publish an impeccable article on your blog site.

6. Ninja Essays

Ninja Essays is an online editing services company. It hires writers with post-graduation degrees, PhDs so that they can edit the content of their customers.

If you do not believe in robots and technology which claims to edit your content accurately then this service is only for you. The real editors and proofreaders will check your content before making it public.

They edit content for mistakes like wordiness, grammar errors, complicated sentences and other minor mistakes like typos, punctuations, and spelling errors.

Final Words

All of the above-mentioned editing tools will definitely make your editing process easier. They will make you learn from your mistakes and help you in improving your writing skills.

Being a blogger you need to be quick with your content and have so many tasks to do at a time that it becomes necessary to minimize some tasks. Using editing tools can help you in focusing on other works.

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