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Advanced technologies have revolutionized the way we’re watching television. For the last decade, a traditional TV set has been gaining new features and transforming from a simple device broadcasting TV shows, sports events, and news into a highly interactive appliance with multiple opportunities. 

These revolutionary new functions have made TV sets a part and parcel of everyday life and thus facilitated its household penetration. In the United States, the surge in smart TV household penetration occurred between 2014 and 2015, with a 19% rise in smart TV usage. The total number uptake increased from about 9% in 2012 to 60% as of January 2020. 

What is connected TV (CTV) genuinely used for? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and reveal five key features you might not know about your CTV. 

#1 Control with no remote

How often are you looking for a remote, and how much time do you waste before you find it? It is probably several endless, irritating minutes, isn’t it? 

Luckily, now you can navigate your smart TV without a remote. Different operating systems allow you to set up a remote control app on your phone or tablet, and switch between programs from any corner of your home. 

#2 Play Games on CTV 

It can be surprising for many, but the advanced opportunities of the digital TV industry allow you to play games on CTV. The CTV gaming industry, in retrospect of 2020, has showcased significant growth. Given the sheer number of apps on the leading streaming media players like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku, games are the second-largest category of downloaded apps. You can opt for a casual or racing CTV game and spend engrossing time with your family or friends. All you need is just an Internet connection and a device such as a smart TV, tablet, or phone to enjoy hours of relaxing gameplay.  

#3 Get to Know to the Latest News

Staying up to date with the most recent global, local, and sports CTV streaming news is another handy way you can use connected TV. Of course, you can find news programs on CBS, CNN, and other national or local channels.  However, with CTV, you can receive tidings of information whenever and wherever you want. Download the app of a desirable news site to read up on current events in the world and in your region. You can also monitor sports news and even watch live-streamed games via sports apps like BBC sport and the like. 

#4 Keep Fit

Believe it or not, the revolutionary changes in the CTV industry can help you work out whenever you like. You can forget about going to the gym, buying DVD workouts, or schedules. Numerous apps on your CTV, as well as access to proven training programs, allow you to choose the best matching option. You can stay in shape and work out at any time that works best for you. The programs range depending on your level, intensity, and specific type of muscle you want to tone up. Some CTV workouts provide you with a virtual trainer’s oversight and can be customized for a routine that matches your goals. 

#5 Get Recommendations

It’s no secret that CTV platforms help video content creators promote their shows and movies, which are rated based on the audience’s reaction. The more engaging your content is, the more views you get. Plus, everyone can see what other users watch and receive recommendations for their preferred content.  

CTV platforms enable you to choose apps in line with your current viewing tastes. So you can effortlessly discover desirable games, shows, movies, and other enthralling entertainment that you will absolutely want to binge-watch.  And of course, you can share your thoughts on your favorite content and read others’ reviews to find more series you like. 

#6 Access to Social media, Web Search and Video Chat

Lastly, CTV offers you all-in-one features. You can surf the web and access your social networks via CTV. If you haven’t tried yet, imagine how cool the experience of feed scrolling Facebook and Twitter, reading posts, and watching photos on the large screen might be. From the comfort of your sofa, it’s also possible to create posts, share videos and images, or have video chat when other devices are away from you. Some smart TVs bring up social media accounts while watching content, so both a chat and your favorite show can be on the same screen simultaneously. 


A smart TV with an Internet connection is a true treasure trove of computer-like functions presented on the big screen. This device has gone far beyond the customary features of television and doesn’t just let you watch the content you want when you want it, but offers a range of other exciting and useful features besides. 


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