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Having a flashy sword or a badass axe is basically a prerequisite for being an epic hero. Just look at Kratos in the latest God of War, Link and Skyrim’s own cover art. While Skyrim has a respectable collection of deadly implements, this collection of Skyrim Weapon Mods updated in the last year bring new weapons both original and from fiction to Skyrim. 

Skyrim Weapon Mods list

  1. Monster Hunter for Skyrim SE
  2. Echelon
  3. Occiglacies – Ancient Falmer Blade
  4. Leviathan Axe – Dwemer Artifacts SE
  5. Vigilant Glenmoril Gun Replacer SE
  6. Fudou Myouou Katana and Tachi SE
  7. Ritevice – Sword of Stendarr

1. Monster Hunter by Syncing (Skyrim SE port by Shlla)

Picture Credit: Shlla on the Nexus

Monster Hunter Rise’s recent release might have given you a Monster Hunter itch which one of the Skyrim Weapon Mods might help you scratch. This mod was released originally in 2012 but was re released as a Skyrim SE weapon mod last year. As the name suggests, it brings eight weapons from Capcom’s dinosaur- hunting series into Skyrim. 

The weapons can be crafted after finding the relevant crafting book and with a pair of new crafting materials added to the game’s drop table. 

 Download link: Skyrim | Skyrim SE

2. Echelon by billyro

Picture Credit: billyro

Echelon is one of the latest Skyrim SE weapon mods, being released in January 2021. Describing itself as a “A renaissance-period inspired longsword with a fancy guard”, this weapon has highly detailed 4k textures that let its engravings really show. It’s not overdesigned and has a sharp, elegant look that goes well with an honourable knight’s look. 

In game, it is available in one- and two-handed versions and will become craftable with the Steel smithing perk unlocked. 

Download link: Skyrim SE

3. Occiglacies – Ancient Falmer Blade by trion77

Picture credit: Serados14 on the Nexus

One of the questions raised by the Dawnguard questline centers around what the Falmer, or snow-elves, used to be before their enslavement and fall. The game itself grants some insight to the question. The Forgotten Vale is littered with half-sunken ruins where their civilisation once thrived and Knight-Paladin Gelebor represents the last of his kind, wearing a pristine set of snow-elf armour. However, there aren’t any unique weapons to show off their craftsmenship.

Occiglacies answers this question by presenting a fantastic rendition of what such a weapon might look like with a design heavily inspired by Glass weapons and the snow-elf ruins. A special enchanted version even awards special magical effects for killing Nords. 

Download Link: Skyrim SE

4. Leviathan Axe – Dwemer Artifacts SE by FunkyGandalfCat

Picture Credit: SabasCaelus on the Nexus

This is one of the Skyrim Weapon Mods that have far too much effort put in to them. Instead of simply stopping at porting over Kratos’ new weapon, FunkyGandalfCat has gone the extra mile and even brought it customisation from God of War itself. The Leviathan Axe can be customised by swapping out its pommels just like its original incarnation. Most impressively, this can be done without using a crafting station and is instead done with a new power added to the player. 

Pommels are created through new items dropped by enemies and crafted on a brand-new workbench. 

Download Link: Skyrim SE

5. Vigilant Glenmoril Gun Replacer SE by PraedythXVI

Picture Credit: PraedythXVI on the Nexus

This mod isn’t really a mod. Instead, it’s a high-texture replacer for the YaramHunter gun from one of the best Skyrim quest mods, Vigilant. This replacer looks amazing and fits Vigilant’s visual theme incredibly well and still looks like a great fit for Skyrim, ignoring the fact that there are no guns in the game. The impressively modelled imperfections on the weapon and the engravings across the weapon really add to the quality of PraedythXVI’s work. 

Download link: Skyrim SE

6. Fudou Myouou Katana and Tachi by China-YYK Moral cat

Picture Credit: Pogogo000

Katanas form a surprisingly large portion of Skyrim Weapon Mods with many modders creating meticulous designs inspired by everything from real history to anime. The Fudou Myouou Katana and Tachi is definitely a fantasy-inspired design especially with the ornate hilt and handle. The blade itself gleams and reflects in ways most Skyrim SE Weapon Mods don’t and in a way that lets it retain its detailed look. 

Download Link: Skyrim | Skyrim SE

7. Ritevice – Sword of Stendarr by Artsick

Photo Credit: Artsick on the Nexus

Ritevice is one of the most detailed weapons on this list with intricate engravings near the base of the blade and even a glowing fuller down the middle. It would look amazing with any kind of holy warrior with the way it gleams in the light and glows in the dark. 

The weapon itself comes in one- and two-handed versions and can be crafted after unlocking some high-level perks. There is even a higher-level version in Castle Dour. 

Download Link: Skyrim SE

Final Thoughts on These Skyrim Weapon Mods

Skyrim and Skyrim SE weapon mods are a dime a dozen with literally thousands of them on the Nexus. Many of these mods are also quite old and have hogged the most downloaded lists for years. This list looked at some of the newest creations to come out of the Nexus and has hopefully shown some fantastic options for download. 

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