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With so many form builders out there, not all of the focused on having a user-friendly and intuitive interface. And the truth is, every form builder has a specific set of tools that are specialized for different purposes.

I may be a bit biased here, because of the tools I choose to use in my own projects. But when analyzing each one, my top recommendations are:

MightyForms: for customized forms designed to automate complex tasks

Google Forms: for surveys or registrations to be shared quickly

Wufoo: offers basic form building, sharing and data collection with their free plan.

TypeForm: for more complex surveys and feedback forms

JotForm: very flexible, and indeed quite versatile, with many form templates.

123FormBuilder: focus heavily on efficiency and performance over design

Zoho Forms: The main focus here is data collection that can be transformed into custom reports for business analysis.

Beyond that, here’s what a great form builder should absolutely have:

  • easy and comprehensive customization;
  • full integration functionalities;
  • seamless automation capabilities;
  • high data security;
  • and versatile forms, fields, and submissions offer.

Ultimately, the best online form builder should empower your brand and your business, enabling you to convert form submissions into paying customers.

MightyForms was created exactly because we were also trying to find the best online form builder ourselves. Although there are good options out there, we wanted a “one-stop-shop” form builder when it comes to building any kind of form, hassle-free. MightyForms was developed in order to provide solutions that we couldn’t find in other form builders. This form builder is all about giving our users the power and flexibility to create incredibly versatile and beautiful forms.

Regardless of the purpose of your project, MightyForms is a well-rounded free tool that offers you all the necessary elements for building a fully responsive and automated form. Set up an account or simply log in with your Google or Facebook account and start building! From the MightyForms dashboard, you have the freedom to create from scratch, from a template, or (pretty soon) even from a PDF file.

I hope you give MightyForms a try and see for yourself how easy and quickly you get your form running in no time.



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