7 out of 10 richest family offices in the USA are invested in cryptocurrencies.

I recently wrote an article on how the cryptocurrency bubble bursting doesn’t mean the end for cryptocurrencies:

Let me summarize below how cryptocurrencies are providing us with new investment opportunities.

For example, cryptocurrencies could enable someone to get into the housing market with as little as $1000, and real estate is one of the most stable investments one can make. Cryptocurrencies are enabling people outside traditional investment circles to easily invest in private companies, much like VCs and Hedge funds which are typically only open to a much smaller group of high net-worth individuals and organizations.

We are seeing a proliferation of investment opportunities with cryptocurrencies and this is only going to improve as more developers build new platforms on top of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

We will see leveraged trading, shorting and more sophisticated derivatives being becoming more accessible to the general public. This will democratize access to a lot of financial instruments and methods.

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