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Podcasts are a fantastic method to keep learning, build abilities, and broaden our knowledge while still being enjoyable.

There are a lot of podcasts out there, and it can be tough to find one you enjoy, but whether you’re an entrepreneur thinking about starting your own business, or simply need a little more knowledge or inspiration to help you with your current business, we’ve put together a list of fantastic podcasts for you.

A Podcast About Money

Everything you need to learn about money is included in this book. The ‘This is Money Podcast’ is based on different topics each week, ranging from pensions and investments to tax, saving, and recessions, and informs you on how these issues may influence you and society. Developing your financial acumen is beneficial not just if you own or want to own a business, but also in everyday life.


A Podcast About Life

This podcast provides an inside look into the life of Steven Bartlett, the CEO of one of the UK’s fastest-growing businesses. Each episode, as the name implies, gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at what Steven does as an entrepreneur, as well as guidance and information on what it takes to become a CEO. In addition, he conducts interviews with other successful company owners from a range of industries, which can serve as motivation for both your education and your future professional path.


A Podcast About Knowledge

This podcast can help you learn more about mindfulness, leadership, negotiation, and innovation, among other things. Each topic is addressed and discussed by a subject matter expert who is generally active in the relevant field. Although the topics are all extremely important to entrepreneurship, the main goal of this podcast is to broaden your knowledge in each area regardless of your chosen route.


A Podcast to Brainstorm New Ideas

This is for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is for those who are mostly seeking market possibilities and develop new company concepts. They also go over crucial aspects of the business sector and address questions that new business owners are likely to ask. They occasionally bring prominent visitors on to discuss their ideas as well.


A Podcast for Experiences and Life Lessons

This podcast features an intimate chat with a high-achieving individual from a certain industry in each episode. The goal of this series is to provide you with a look into their lives and lessons learned. This allows for really inspirational and motivational listening, with a significant focus on the behaviors and attitudes each individual has acquired to enable them to achieve.


A Podcast About Resilience

Guy Raz, the host of this series, reveals the story behind some of the world’s most well-known firms and interviews entrepreneurs on a variety of themes, the most important of which is “how I created resilience.” Episodes are released more often than is typical for this medium, which is wonderful for those of you who don’t enjoy waiting a week for the next one.


A Podcast About Creativity, Happiness, Confidence and Aspiration

‘Not Overthinking’ is less business focused and, instead, discusses topics such as creativity, happiness, confidence and aspiration. The aim of the podcast is to encourage progression in a fun and accessible way, whilst still covering stimulating and important conversational ground – especially useful for entrepreneurs who need some reassurance and motivation.


If you have a family, you can teach your children to listen to podcast for kids that will help them grow as you do.

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