8 UX Mistakes To Avoid On Your UX Portfolio Website

8. Don’t show deliverables on a page without telling the story.

The other day I saw a portoflio that had a ton of deliverables in it. It was very visual, which is nice, because I just told you that people don’t read very much, they scan.

But here’s the problem. When you just show me a wireframe … I think to myself “ok, this person can make wireframes”. And that’s it. And sure, wireframes might be part of the role. But, what will make you stand out as a mature, thoughtful designer, is if you not only show me the deliverable but TELL ME what’s going on.

If you were presenting wireframes to a stakeholder or client for the first time, you wouldn’t just email the wireframes with no explanation (at least I sure hope not).

What you would do, if you’re a thoughtful designer, is provide some context. You’d set the stage, you’d remind them of the scenario, and key traits of the user. You’d inform them about the problem so that your solution (in this case, a wireframe) had context.

So please, do NOT just show me your wireframe, user flow, or pretty UI for a search results page.

Pro-tip: A deliverable without a story only tells someone that you can draw things on a screen. What you want, is to show people that you know how to think like a designer.

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