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This is Syed Hassan, a digital marketing strategist & writer by profession.

Do you have a few videos uploaded on your YouTube channel but got only 18 views? Don’t worry; it’s the story of every other YouTuber. The views on your YouTube video determine your success on the platform. That is why we see highly creative content over there. Not only for individuals, but YouTube is the best marketing platform for business owners. You can use YouTube as a part of a marketing strategy to reach masses.

Just like other social networking websites, it receives enormous traffic daily. So when you upload a video on the site, it is likely to capture the attention of your target audience. It has been around for years now. And when people want information for a particular product before investing their money, they search through platforms like YouTube. If your product or service makes it to site, you are not going to get views but generate revenue.

Digital marketers suggest that if a video ranks in Google, it is likely to get targeted views regularly. People make thousands of searches on the search engine giant. So, Google ranking seems highly beneficial for YouTube marketing. However, the entire process of getting a video ranked on a popular engine is a long one. You need to implement the right strategy to get what you deserve.

Moreover, you can master the art of getting your videos ranked on Google if you understand its search algorithm just like an SEO agency. To achieve your milestone, you need to learn to create the best content for your channel, have to optimize it technically and learn video distribution for video ranking.

So, if you are up to learn and explore more about ranking YouTube videos on Google, here are some fantastic hacks.

The views on a YouTube video was significant and a part of its algorithm. It was the same all those years, but YouTube changed the policy two years back. Although the views are still important, they are merged with the engagement metrics such as comments, likes, number of seconds viewed and social shares. The new policy help cut back millions of fake clicks on a video.

Earlier, the focus on the content quality was not a priority either. However, now, YouTube wants you to create high quality content to generate user engagement. There is no ideal length recommended by the platform. But it seems best to keep the length at least 60 seconds long.


Because more seconds means more view time, more view time helps it rank higher. Videos with more seconds will boost seconds to your count as well. More importantly, YouTube considers the footage as spam if it contains less than 60 seconds.

You need to put out quality content. It seems smart to plan and identify what your content lacks. For example, YouTube is not a place to shop! Therefore, they do not make sales videos because people cannot place orders there. You can create videos about a product launch, but most of the time, viewers do not bother watching such videos.

Then why people log-in to YouTube in the first place?

YouTubers opt for the site to learn a skill, ways to solve their problems, watch vlogs, or cat videos. It is safe to say that viewers come to YouTube to pass their time. So, next time when you decide to film a video for YouTube, make sure your content reflects the mentioned factors

On the other hand, we recommend you to search Google and see the YouTube videos appear in the search result. You will only find the ones that answer queries.

For example, tips on getting flawless skin, spring-inspired home décor ideas, at-home workouts for beginners, etc.

So, don’t fret if you run a cake shop or pet store and think about how you can use YouTube for your benefit. You can still create valuable content and let it rank higher on Google as most of us don’t know how to bake a marble cake to perfection or which brand produces healthier dog food.

Giving your video a spectacular title is incredibly important. But keyword selection is essential when it comes to naming your video. Therefore, target long tail and less competitive keywords as a part of your marketing plan. This way, you would rank your video with ease.

Although YouTube is as smart as other social outlets, it could not comprehend what your video talks about. Its search engine focuses on the raw video file title. And as a smart person, you need to optimize it too before you upload it.

When you take a considerable time to brainstorm video ideas, did a keyword search for the title, put efforts in editing and whatnot. Then why would you ignore the thumbnail? It influences engagement on your video; hence, do not overlook this tiny step. Plus, it affects your click-through rate (CTR), which is necessary to elevate your rankings.

 If you have been posting videos on YouTube, you might know that the site presents three options for thumbnails, these options are unflattering and do not capture the attention of the users. So, use customized thumbnails so that your videos can stand out and get the clicks.

If you have not created a playlist for your videos, go and make one now. We emphasize on the playlists because it works as a final piece when YouTubers upload a new video. The playlist also serves as an additional layer to tell YouTube what your video is all about.

Many successful YouTubers create a separate playlist for video. They use keywords synonyms to get the desired result. If you are struggling to receive the response you want or fail to rank in Google, try working on the playlist and observe the outcome.

No one wants to watch visual content with poor quality. So, you need to post high retention videos on your channel – anything less than that will not work for you. Take note that audience retention is one of the essential factors when it comes to ranking. More importantly, if your viewership increases due to high retention, your video is likely to rank higher in the search engines.

Don’t you want that all this time!

On the other hand, you do not need a fancy camera or expensive microphone. If your ghostwriting content is valuable and interesting enough to keep people engage, you are already producing high retention videos. All you need is to maintain the standard and head to success.

Do you want to alert YouTube Algorithm about your content? If yes, then optimize your channel page to the fullest. It seems smart to fill every section of your page. Filling out your page and optimizing it is the best way to stand out and attract viewers. Do not underestimate the power of optimizing your page. It will help your video rank just like you want.

Set a decent profile picture and background, so people understand your page. Google aims to improve user experience. Therefore, do not forget to follow SEO practices while posting your profile photo. Always provide links to your social networking sites and website to drive valuable traffic.
Use the description box to provide the necessary details about your channel. It will help send text signals to search engines too. Give complete information and use synonym keywords to take full advantage of the description box. Subscribe to bigger YouTube channels that share similar content as yours.

Do you want to click on your video? Give them an enticing thumbnail with descriptive text. It’s best to tell views of what the video is going to discuss. For example, if you are going to teach them SEO techniques, mention “learn SEO” in the text description. However, do not write in detail as it looks overwhelming. But go for something short and meaningful that blends in well with the video title. Take note that the text contains easy-to-read font. It sounds smart to let viewers know beforehand what they are going to watch.

You need to embed relevant videos on the top-ranking pages to rank higher on Google. Take a look at Google’s Video tab. You will find two types of categories. The first category has relevant videos from YouTube. The second category contains pages from the organic results with related videos embed to it. The second type of category is essential. If you are ranking high in Google, your pages can show in the video tab by embedding a similar video.

The process of ranking in Google is more natural said than done. However, with research and practice, you can do the job. When posting a video on YouTube, make sure to follow the steps mentioned above and see the difference.

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This is Syed Hassan, a digital marketing strategist & writer by profession.


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