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Have you got little to no idea of how to start a micro-influencer marketing campaign? It’s simple! You could use influencer marketing software or do it on your own. But before that, check out this beginner’s guide to know about the steps involved.

Micro-influencers have become a buzzword in the industry. It’s worth working with them for your campaigns using influencer marketing software. Wondering why so? Obviously, they turn-in the highest ROIs! They have a unique voice that you might want to cash out in your brand’s favor. Starting out afresh? You might be wondering how to take the plunge. Don’t worry, working with micro-influencers isn’t rocket science.

You just need to get your hands on a few great strategies to kick-start your influencer marketing campaign with micro-influencers. Here’s a beginner’s guide to help you out.

Plan Your Goals and Choose The Platform

To start with a micro-influencer marketing campaign, you need to set your goals first. Ask yourself whether your campaign’s goal is aimed at increasing brand awareness. Do you want to skyrocket your sales? Or do you need just to increase your fan base? Do you have the customer engagement and retention that you have been seeking? Record your goals before beginning with the campaign. 

After that, you need to pick the right social media platform to get started. But the list of social media channels is long where you could find micro-influencers. Which one would you choose? Have you got confused? You don’t have to if you take a look at the influencer’s profile closely. You need to see which platform he has got the most engagement and accordingly, you should make the decision.

In addition, you might want to keep your goals in front while choosing the perfect social media platform to begin the campaign. The platform you choose must have the kind of audiences that have the potential to turn into your customers. So you should plan it wisely.

Find Micro-Influencers That Fit Best

Now, the next step is to reach the right micro-influencers. There’re plenty of ways to find them out. You could do manual research online, check your follower list, or simply invest in the best influencer marketing software such as https://socialbook.io/ to save time. To filter out the best micro-influencers, you need to analyse their profiles and pick the best ones that match your brand’s voice and niche.

Outreach the Selected Micro-Influencers

Once you finalise the list of potential micro-influencers that you see as a perfect fit, it’s time to make an outreach to them. You could email or DM them with an enticing pitch that briefly explains your offer. But make sure you fine-tune your pitch to ensure a high response from them. Just wait a while to hear from them.

Get the Campaign Rolling

The next step involves explaining your partnership terms and details to micro-influencers. Let them know your campaign’s goals clearly. Tell them your expectations about content posting, frequency, nature of the content and other crucial details. Make sure you clearly talk with them about the compensation and perks involved. Start the campaign as agreed. 

Measure the Campaign’s Performance

After running the influencer marketing campaign, you might want to measure its performance. Take out the metrics that you have recorded at the beginning of the campaign and analyse each pointer. Record the current performance against metrics for decision-making. Accordingly, tweak your next campaign to gain even more ROIs.

The Final Takeaway

Starting with a micro-influencer marketing campaign doesn’t have to be complicated. This beginner’s guide simplifies the whole process, especially for a novice like you. Just follow the steps mentioned and you would make it with a huge success. 

Do you want to simplify the way you run a micro-influencer marketing campaign? Use our world-class influencer marketing software for brands and influencers. SocialBook is being used by the world’s top brands for successfully running and managing micro-influencers and you could too. Just get in touch with us to begin.

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Marketing Consultant , Speaker, Author, Content Manager at Fireart Studio


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