A cold crypto wallet will be the legacy I leave for my daughter

Unlike others, I am fairly new to Crypto. Before I tell my story to let me introduce myself. I am an Indian working abroad in a Financial Institution. My family consists of my wife and a small baby girl of 3.5 years. Well, this is not kind of my story it’s the story of my baby girl and how crypto will be changing her world.

My first experience with crypto was when a customer came asking about if he can buy Bitcoin from our Bank. We just said no. Once he left the counter, most of my colleagues were making fun of him. But I was kind of curious and started browsing to find out more about it and my journey started.

I didn’t have a great salary and neither I had any extra money to invest. So I wanted to be 100% sure that I was making the right decision. I decided to just watch and learn before I jump into the crypto world. Well, that turned out to be a costly decision.

It was early December. In a matter of days, Bitcoin just exploded. It was the start of the Bull run. I decided that it’s the right time. I took a large loan from one of my friends and invested in crypto. My first purchase was the hot favorite of that time “ #Tron “ (Hope Justin will pay me some extra coins as I am doing free branding for him). I brought my first bunch of tokens for 0.08 USD. Being naive I invested 100% of my fund in one single coin. In a matter of weeks, I saw my initial investment climbing up from 0.08 USD to 0.3 USD per coin. I kept on Holding it thinking that it will be going to be 1.00 USD as TRON fans were shilling and All came crashing down.

In a matter of days, Tron price went downhill. I was still able to salvage some profits. As usual, I reinvested all my funds in some new projects based on shilling for some so-called crypto gurus in Twitter (Pls stay away from those pests). Unfortunately for me it as PND scheme and I lost the majority of my capital. I was dejected and took out what left of crypto. To pay back the loan, I have to break my Fixed deposit which I kept for my future of my child and paid my friend all his money back. Lesson learned (as they say in all those disclaimers): Invest what you can lose.


Being a banker It was a shock to me that I made such stupid mistakes and lost the future funds I kept for my child. Still, I believed in crypto and I was determined to gain everything back. I got my bonus of that year and I decided to invest that money back to crypto.

This time I was more careful and I started more DYOR stuff.

I identified that the safest investments were in Exchange Tokens as well as Projects with real-world use like VenChain, Waltonchain, Ziliqa etc. I brought some BNB, HT, VenChain and Zilliqa. As luck had it, most of them performed pretty well, Especially the Exchange tokens. I started booking my profits and in a month or two, I was able to regain all my lost capital. I sold all the assets and replaced my early broken Fixed deposit for my child.

Since I was almost 8 months into crypto, I strongly believe that crypto is for our future Generation. As any parent does, I want to leave a Legacy to my Child. Why cant be Crypto be my Legacy? So I decided to build a crypto portfolio for her.

Now the challenge was that Ididn’t have money to invest. But as the saying goes, if there is a will there‘s a way. In the meanwhile, I was able to identify another avenue to gather crypto without investing money. “Bounty Hunting”. All you have to invest is your time and your brain.

In the initial days, I started participating in a lot of Bounty Contest. That lead to nowhere. They I started doing my own research and then began to choose the right type of bounty. I started using various ICO rating sites and started looking project for high rated ones. It started paying off pretty well. I started concentrating on writing articles. The participants were less the returns were high. Meanwhile, I was able to identify some article groups and became part of them. I started sharing my experiences with the community. Making them aware of the promises crypto hold as well as how to be safe . In that process, I made some great friends as well from the writing world.

My Little one is around 3.5 years. On her 6th Birthday, when she starts her schooling, I want to gift her a cold wallet loaded with cryptos which I have earned till that day. I am going to deposit it to a locker box and she will be having access to it on her 18th Birthday when she starts her college. I don’t know what will be worth of that cold wallet after 14 years. Maybe nothing or it will be everything. But that is what crypto is all about. A Promise of Future. I am sure that in that future Crypto will be changing the world and I want to leave that legacy to my child.

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