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Even the most savvy of business owners can’t help but be impacted by COVID19. Why? Because their customers are–and that inherently impacts them. Small businesses will bear the majority of the burden as they are the ones most likely to have less financial runway to remain hindered or closed for a month or more at a time. It’s scary, it’s overwhelming. Large and mid-sized corporations are huddling (in a social distanced capacity)

Most pressing are the previously brick and mortar businesses who must urgently move to or create and market a full-time online business (if their industry allows).

From distinguishing domain names (yes, there are SMBs without a web presence) to learning about PPC, SEO, content marketing, lead generation, PR and more, it’s a very overwhelming undertaking.

Even the brand goodwill gestures that exist, are mostly one-off tools that are not packaged in one, comprehensive way. Unless you’re “in the marketing know,” it’s tough to know what to use.

The Promo.com team launched a COVID-19 Support Hub for SMBs designed specifically for businesses who need comprehensive marketing support right now.

The hub is a marketing centrepiece and reduces the amount of research needed for SMBs struggling right now.

They are also transforming their FB group of 5,000 people to focus exclusively on COVID 19 crisis support for SMBs. (In addition to offering a free Promo Plan for SMBs and a Free Promo Plan for NPOs.)

For those who are unfamiliar or who haven’t dedicated a lot of time and energy to digital marketing, there are several areas covered here that range from pre-created social content to weekly meetings that will help SMBs triage the most important needs.

Besides marketing, the other urgent need is money. There are larger institutions offering savings or cost reduction of fees for SMBs (and there’s a regularly updated list here, by Scott Monty).

Doordash has a similar programs in place

If you’re tech-savvy or digital marketing knowledgable the most generous thing you can do right now is to offer or volunteer hours to help someone who is left trying to navigate unfamiliar waters. Whether it’s through text, chat or a virtual call, the opportunity to give the gift of knowledge may be the difference between some SMBs ultimate success or failure in an urgent time.



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