About the World Pianist Day

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Pianist Day is a holiday of talented people who have connected their lives with piano. It is celebrated every year on November 8th. What is interesting, the holiday originated in the Republic of Belarus.

The history of Pianist Day

The history of Pianist Day began in 2014. It was on November 1, that Ivan Manko (founder of the «Free Piano» in Belarus) and other musicians, including Alexander Polyakov (currently a soloist of the Belarusian State Philharmonic) noticed, that pianists were deprived of their own holiday. Only a week has passed since this conversation, and now, on November 8, the event dedicated to pianists took place in Minsk.

Headliners of the event, organized by Ivan, were the aforementioned Alexander Polyakov and Julia Lebedenko, violinist of the Vienna Philharmonic. The musicians performed famous pieces and told interesting stories about the composers who created them.  One of the reporters covering the event aptly dubbed this day, namely November 8, «Pianist Day».

2016 expanded the geography of the festival thanks to the teaching activities of Alexander Polyakov, who flew away to teach at the prestigious Nanchang Hangkong University in China. And, of course, could not leave the day without a holiday concert. His colleagues from the Celestial Empire supported the idea. 

In the meantime, the talented pianist and composer Nikolai Panok learned about this holiday and lighted up with the idea to set a piano record on that day. A record of playing the piano uninterruptedly for 5 hours. Getting ahead of the curve, he succeeded.

2018-2019 will be remembered by the appearance of another tradition on Piano Day – educational masterclasses. Casio, one of the most famous digital piano manufacturer organized the seminar «Acoustic sound of digital technology», which introduced the latest features of modern instruments to piano teachers. 

6 years have passed since the «Pianist Day» was found, and it is already celebrated regularly in Minsk, Sochi, Moscow, Vienna, Jerusalem, Hong Kong, and other cities. This holiday is only gathering its momentum, and more and more pianists are joining in, supporting it with diverse events.

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