Emotion AI, ML, and Deep Learning: A Brief Introduction

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

The legitimate brands and influential businesses; Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are highlighting zeal for Artificial Intelligence (AI). The growing enthusiasm in the field of AI is absolutely understandable. The opportunities in this field are endless and uncertain. The real-world problems are mapped based on AI technology. Human development and technological progression are rising rapidly. The future of AI is supposed to be better with the revolution that is replacing human practices with machine support.
The history of Artificial Intelligence is interesting when the myths of ancient societies started the concept of intelligent robots. Till then, the vibrancy of AI discovered a large number of applications that get leveraged on humans. According to a recent study, the founder of Tesla and technological expert, Elon Musk donated $1 billion to conduct research at a research company OpenAI. Not only this, According to Russian President Vladimir Putin:

“Whoever becomes the leader in this AI sphere will become the ruler of the world.” 

The Evolution of AI

The development of emotion AI is mesmerising and is one of the biggest technological advancements. Developers are building groundbreaking applications around the world that are purely based on AI and emotion AI. Artificial Intelligence has covered human thoughts and thinking capacities, a self-driving car is an example of this argument. Instead of humans driving cars with proper attention, self-driving cars do not need a driver to put in place the while attention. Using artificial intelligence, AI models are built.

A huge amount of data is collected to train the AI infrastructures. These AI models are trained with training data first and then tested with test data. All the possibilities of a particular AI robot are embedded in the models to let them act as a human brain do in particular circumstances.

Emotion AI

Using facial recognition technology and voice analysis in emotion AI helps monitor drivers to detect the driving signs, distractions around the road and respond accordingly. The models are trained with the driver’s mind, programming the model according to it, with hundreds of checks that the model learns and gets the sense of acting in a particular session with accurate time and precision.

Chatbots are developed today which help humanity in hard times. In case of an accident, one can ask chatbots to connect with resources to get him out of this difficult situation. Through a chatbot, a message can be sent along with location and expected arrival time.

Also, in the healthcare industry, treatment quality is improving with artificial intelligence machinery and procedures. Now staff and doctors have easy access to information about certain patients that is now more easy to maintain and helps in better decision making.

Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is a subset of AI. In this rapid advancement world, AI depicts the importance of machine learning by making it a separate domain in AI. The goal of ML is to develop a prediction against the tasks which is hard even for human brains to simultaneously cater. The rapid and fast decision making in some cases becomes difficult which can be efficiently handled through machine learning algorithms. The algorithm receives information from the system and calculates the weight inputs, on the basis of weight the ML model makes a useful prediction. 

Deep Learning

Deep Learning (DL) algorithms specify the features driven from certain datasets and optimise it based on the weight of inputs. This ensures accurate deliverance of prediction models. The neural networks are implemented in AI-based software. The neural network is given inputs, which it analyses, and makes a determination and gives the output respectively. If the output is incorrect, the adjustments in the neural network are moulded accordingly. The network is trained with a large set of inputs and at last, starts behaving like a complete predictive neural network.

With the fast pace of AI advancements, it is natural to see the strange innovations that ease human life by introducing task automation. This new element is driving the world towards crazy inventions and applications used at the industrial and domestic level. This clicks the human minds leveraging AI at an industrial level which has replaced human tasks and is going to be much more exciting in the coming years.

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