All in One Place: The Best Mobile SDK Tools for 2019

Quality mobile SDK tools are the building blocks of a quality mobile app. According to stats from 42matters, the apps that top the charts on the Apple App Store and Google Play all use some of the leading mobile app SDKs: Firebase, AppsFlyer, Crashlytics, Adjust, and AdMob, just to name a few. You’ll find a great free resource with all the top tools at the bottom of this post

However, with so many tools on the market today, mobile app professionals often suffer from choice overload. SafeDK calls it “SDK fatigue”. Trying to manage all the different SDK tools that you, your app, and your team need can leave you feeling like this:

Image Source: Giphy

How do you survive the mobile SDK shopping trip without losing your mind — or worse, your precious time? Here are a few things to keep in mind when building or refining your SDK tool stack.

Better together: Power up your tools with integrations

SafeDK’s 2018 report on the state of mobile SDKs shows a steady increase in the number of SDKs app publishers use. In 2016, the average was 15 SDKs per app. Now, app publishers are using an average of 18 SDKs per app. Will 2019 see that number grow to 19, 20, or even 25 SDKs? As the graph below shows, that number may be plateauing, as existing SDKs continue to improve in quality, merge to create stronger tools together, or offer integrations that create extra-powerful combinations, like Mixpanel with Braze,