AMA with Indie Hacker’s Courtland Allen at Noon PST On Thursday 4/18

In Courtland’s own words:

Greetings people of Hacker Noon!

I’m Courtland, the creator of Indie Hackers. In 2016 I was bored of working my job as a developer and itching to do something on my own. But I couldn’t find much online about building a profitable business as a developer, aside from raising money from VCs and doing the whole startup thing.

So I built Indie Hackers, a community of developers and founders swapping stories and advice to help each other make money from our apps and side projects. (It’s also a podcast!)

Nine months later, it was acquired by Stripe, where I’ve continued to work on it happily for the past 2 years, interviewing over 400 founders and learning a lot in the process.

Feel free to add this to your calendar 2 and/or ask a question (right now). I’ll be answering any questions you have live on at Noon PST on April 18, 2019.

Ask me anything!

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Back to the Internet… where I’ll be doing Office Hours @ 10am PST Friday, April 19th. In other news (my favorite headline this week):

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David Smooke

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