Announcing our Data Breach website on Data Privacy Day

We are happy to announce our Data Breach website, our latest community project. With this project, we strive to create insights into global data breaches. Which companies have been breached, what kind of data got lost, what’s the impact on your privacy and how did these companies handle the situation. 

We deemed January 28, the “Data Protection Day” in Europe (globally referred to as “Data Privacy Day”) as the perfect timing to launch this new initiative.

With this project, we want to present data breach information in an easily readable and searchable format. In you will find data breaches from all over the world. 
For this initial release, we aggregated data from Enforcement Tracker, HIBP and one of our previous community projects the GDPR Tracker. In the future, as we add more data breach sources, we will aim to extract even more insights (average time to report, breaches per year, breaches per country, …)

We will soon start looking for additional volunteers and more contributors to enrich this data breach repository.

Data Breach Fines are on the rise

Fines that are being handed out are getting bigger as we speak. Under GDPR alone, fines have already risen above € 450 million. Globally, the initial release already shows more than 10 billion records breached. 

A recent white paper from ITC Secure estimates that 65% of today’s cyber breaches are caused by third parties. With more and more technology vendors processing and storing PII, monitoring your vendors to limit compliance risks is becoming an absolute must.

What’s next on Privacy & Compliance?

In the very near future, this data breach information will connect to one of our other community projects called ComplianceRadar. 

ComplianceRadar will be the largest global repository where one can query all publicly available compliance, privacy and security data of over 10.000 SaaS companies. 

In the coming months, we are scheduled to launch a few additional solutions. 

ComplianceBoard / Trust enabling organizations to showcase and demonstrate their compliance posture. This solution helps them to boost customer trust by openly sharing their compliance initiatives. 

ComplianceBoard / Track empowering compliance and privacy professionals to easily track their technology vendors. This solution helps them to keep up to date on any change in the compliance posture of their technology vendors. 

Today most companies are using anywhere between 20 and 200 different technology vendors and SaaS applications. Keeping up to date manually on third parties has turned into an impossible task. 


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