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Most recent college graduates struggle to land interviews, let alone job offers. Sadly, it is difficult to gain experience if no one is willing to give you a chance to work. The challenge lies in landing as many interviews as possible.

The bottom line is the search for a job. The more interviews you land, the better your chances are of obtaining a job offer. Precisely, this is why every college graduate should create a video resume.

Recognize the Competitive Advantage Provided by the Video Resume 

Recent college graduates who rattle off one traditional resume and cover letter after another are unlikely to receive responses simply because there are too many job-seekers, few open positions, and more experienced candidates applying to those open positions. This is why fresh college graduates should create a video resume.

A video resume separates recent college graduates from the rest of the pack looking for employment.  

Though you might not have the same level of experience as competing candidates, your video resume will make a meaningful difference in how the hiring manager perceives you. It’s your opportunity to distinguish yourself from the rest of the job-seekers, grab the attention of the hiring manager, and make it clear you are unique.

Reinforce the Assumption That College Grads are Tech Savvy

The stereotype of college students as being tech-savvy is partially rooted in truth. Youngsters grew up with technology, meaning they find it intuitive. However, plenty of recent college graduates refuse to submit their resumes in video format.

There is a general assumption amongst college students that earning a college degree and interning is enough to land a job offer. In reality, the job market is quite competitive, and those who fail to separate from the pack will likely remain unemployed.  

A video resume makes it clear you covet the open job, are skilled with technology, and willing to invest a little bit more time and effort in artfully presenting yourself to a hiring manager.

Hiring managers who receive video resumes from recent college grads understand these job-seekers are skilled with the latest tech tools, willing to learn how to use technology, and are hungry for work. This is the competitive advantage you need to impact when applying for the open position and ultimately score an interview.

Video Resumes are a Testament to Your Merit as an Employee

Think of your video resume as your first work project, albeit an unpaid one. This is your opportunity to show hiring managers you are not only willing to work but capable of doing so in a productive manner.

Suppose you succeed in creating a captivating video resume that makes a lasting impression. In that case, the hiring manager will assume your work ethic and creativity will extend to your work after you are hired for the open position.  

A Video Resume is a Recent College Graduate’s Competitive Advantage

Take a moment to think about the competition’s experience, accomplishments, education, and talents. Even if you are a hard worker with a college degree, you will struggle to land a position simply because competing applicants have more experience and skills. However, you have the advantage of time. Most recent college graduates who are unemployed don’t have much to do yet have plenty of time on their hands.

Use this time to your advantage. You have more than enough time to create an artful video resume while those who are currently working and looking for another job don’t have nearly as much free time. This means most other job-seekers will submit a traditional resume as a Microsoft Word document attached to a cover letter and application. You have the opportunity to go the extra mile by creating a video resume that helps you shine bright.  

Your video resume makes it that much easier for you to stand out from the rest of the pack. This is your opportunity to go above and beyond the hiring manager’s expectations, ultimately proving you want the open job that much more than others looking for employment.

As long as your video resume looks professional and you present information about yourself and your education with clarity, you stand a good chance of moving on to the interview round.  You can create a high-quality video resume using tools like ShowReel App within few minutes.

Your abundance of free time as a fresh college graduate presents an opportunity to customize your video resumes for each open position. So go ahead and tailor the content of your video resume to the open position’s responsibilities and duties. This customized video resume really will stick out that much more compared to the traditional resumes submitted by other applicants who lack the time, energy, or work ethic necessary to create a video resume.

A Video Resume Might Open Additional Doors

Even if the hiring manager who receives your video resume does not hire you for the open position or invite you for an interview. He or she will certainly remember your name as you took the extra step of making a video resume. A video resume explanation is more powerful than a paper resume. Any doubt?

It is quite possible to pass your video resume to other hiring managers, colleagues, friends, and others in charge of hiring at other local companies. This means the video resume you create has the potential to be seen by multiple hiring managers, dozens of hiring managers, or even more. Hiring managers will share your video resume in a concerted effort to land you a job.  

In short, you have nothing to lose but a little bit of time when preparing and submitting a video resume. Invest your time and effort in preparing such a creative resume, and you will make it quite clear you are willing to go above and beyond expectations. There is even a chance your video resume will open several doors, resulting in multiple interviews and subsequent job offers. In contrast, a conventional resume might not result in a single interview or offer.


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