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What could be better for the fan than the conversation with his idol?

The chatbots allowing to its fans to speak with the stars still can’t do its duty for face-to-face meetings, emotions from visiting a concert, viewing a film or just a pleasure to answering a letter. But they could change the life of many people.

The contented fans — this is a pleasure for any celebrity, especially if you haven’t to invest great efforts. It’s no secret that SMM-specialists, who are ready to imitate a personal communication with the fans, very often answer on behalf of celebrity in social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Those celebrities who answer on their own come across a huge information flow and they communicate with the fans much less frequently. After all an excessive attention of the fans could interfere with the professional activity, not to mention an invasion of privacy or even an intrusiveness.

Obviously the chatbots could solve this problem by offering depersonalized but 24/7 possibility to communicate with the fans and groupies. They can do a lot — tell the news, promote the advertisements, answer the frequent questions or display the videos and the audios.

This is the logical extension of the digital communication between the fans and their idols. A correspondence, a concert, a face-to-face meeting, a TV-show, an interview on YouTube, responses on the comments — the chatbot becomes the next logical continuation of all this, becomes something more than just answering machine for the fans.

Not only celebrities but their agents believe in it too. Chris Mortimer, the head of digital marketing from Interscope calls Facebook Messenger a critical channel for the artists to reach their admirers. CEO BRAIN (

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