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Working @ using Blockchain technologies to secure the future for the Event Ticketing industry.

Persian International awarded cartoonist artist, Alireza Karimi Moghaddam partnered with blockchain’s Yacooba startup to create an astonishing and exclusive 12 NFT collection titled “Van Gogh & Satoshi Nakamoto: The Meetup”.

Alireza Karimi Moghaddam, who is living in Portugal these days, is one of the most renowned Persian cartoonists with an international career over the last 30 years, collecting awards and acclaims in several graphic arts festivals in Italy, Turkey, China, Peru, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Cuba and many others. He’s a pioneer artist, world famous for his “Fancy Life with Van Gogh” artworks in which he created a challenging, but smooth learning process and society literacy by allowing Van Gogh’s footprint to “make a difference” for people and letting them feel “the joy of life and learning”. They were very well received by audiences around the world and it opens a different perspective to Van Gogh’s life and works.

“Van Gogh & Satoshi Nakamoto: The Meetup” NFT collection features an imaginary encounter between these two revolutionary authors with each graphic work representing their dialogues about human nature, love, freedom, creativity and art.

The 12 NFT collection is a tribute to them, but with a soft and cool sense of humor and irony, reflecting also about the journey of bitcoin and its utopia for all mankind until now.

The 12 NFT collection will be managed by Yacooba and auctioned in OpenSea NFT Marketplace in 3 different momentums, with 4 artworks in each sale, auctioned individually. The first auction starts in May.

Yacooba is a Portuguese startup delivering an innovative NFT protocol for the event ticketing world, aiming to solve the industry’s 15 billion USD “ticket scalping” problem, by using cryptographic protection, ticket authenticity and secure ownership exchange. Yacooba’s technology offers ticket issuers a complete decentralized protocol in which they create their own events and can sell tickets in any other decentralized marketplace, without Yacooba’s interference. will also feature its own event marketplace dedicated to Art Travelers with a dynamic travel package builder for event-goers, allowing one-stop-shop booking for event+travel+hotel+extras including payments made in crypto. The marketplace will also feature a digital gallery for emerging artists exploring the NFT ecosystem.

For access to the collection, please visit

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