Ask Anything to the Blockstack CEO — via the Hacker Noon Community

In Muneeb Ali’s own words:

Hey Hacker Noon community!

I’m Muneeb Ali, Co-founder and CEO of Blockstack PBC. Blockstack is a full-stack decentralized computing network and is the easiest way to start building decentralized apps. Check out the 100+ independent apps built on our network today. Developers can also participate in our App Mining program where every 30 days we payout $100K, during the pilot phase, to the top-ranked apps built on Blockstack. Blockstack is on a mission to foster an open, fairer Internet that protects privacy and freedom for all internet users.

I received my PhD in distributed systems from Princeton.

Excited to be here for this AMA on May 28, 2019 at 3:15PM EDT/12:15PST.

Feel free to ask a question below. Talk soon!

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