Assessing the UX of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s Website


Overall, the UX of Canada’s Immigration and Citizenship main website is fairly well thought through. They stay consistent throughout, following their accessibility mandate very strictly. The colour pallet makes it colour blind friendly, and the navigation is easy to understand.

All the content on the page is topical and action-oriented. The page is trustworthy and works well with all other federal web pages.

That being said, it isn’t an inspiring or fun page to be on. I understand that the Government isn’t meant to be sexy, but there needs to be a certain amount of inspiration given to people who access government services. This will be the first impression of communicating with the Canadian government.

There is also no ability to translate the page to languages other than English and French. This could be an issue for a newcomer without the language proficiency to navigate their immigration process.

The government has a unique opportunity to really get their user experiences right. In the business world, customer service is a huge differentiating factor between businesses. The same can be said for governments. Well designed citizen-facing services are definitely in the best interest of governments.

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