Attention, Economy, and You


The costliest asset in the market at present is our attention, not the kind that you give to road-side billboards while riding a car but the kind that you give to your kids, partners, and pets.

Attention is the only thing that we can give to someone. Attention is equal to love and care. But we give our precious attention to apps, campaigns, news, political debates, and the latest tv shows. We aren’t attentive to the person we are living under the same roof with. But more attentive to the notifications, emails, and offers.

We aren’t made to be attentive to the global crisis and possibilities. We survived for so long because we have a knack for being attentive to our immediate surroundings, family, nature, and we take care of it in a way that it takes care of us. But now more than ever, we are not being attentive to our surrounding. Not attentive to nature, to the humans kind, our partners, and even our own physical and emotional needs.

And somehow, the attention miners have figured the right rigs for it, short-term gratification. We have collectively surrendered to the short-term gratification. So deep, so sticking-ly shocking and painstakingly glued we are to the mobile phones, offers, and validation. So much love and admiration and loyalty we have for the brands and the message they give.

Admiration for “Netflix and chill”, “just do it”, “think different”, “I’m loving it”, “don’t be evil”, “Be what’s next” is OK. But things, in reality, are evil and different, only if you take a closer look into them. I know for sure, you’ll not be loving-it and expecting them to create what’s next if you get to see the world from their perspective, their motives, and their long term intentions.

Collectively we are more driven by the signals than the substance itself. Our generation, growing up on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the on-demand entertainment, prescribed drugs, and food is so sucked into the signals that we hardly recognize the substance anymore.

“Fake it until you make it” is the Moto we are living by. Apparently, faking it has become a new fad. We have reached a point in time where faking-it and making IT are two separate worlds. Ironically, “faking it” is attracting more than “making it”. Attracting more attention, more capital, and more of what we call these days “NEWS”.

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