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Amid the COVID crisis, the education industry is going through a constant transformation. The things which were optional a few months back have become the need of the hour. Augmented reality in education has existed for many years but its real power has been unveiled in 2020. 

In pre-COVID times, firm Perkins Coie and the XR Association conducted a survey. When respondents were asked about the industries in which these immersive technologies suit the best, 41% of them named education. 

Businesses were willing to invest in “augmented reality in education” in 2019. Back then, augmented reality in educational settings meant to enhance the learning process. Today, during the pandemic situation, educators are choosing this technology to fill the void of classroom teaching. 

Making AR in education a necessity from an option

This has helped entrepreneurs in making the best use of digital solutions for saving the education industry. Read on if you are on the brim of making a decision regarding an investment to AR in education. In this blog, I am going to list down a few benefits of using augmented reality in education during the pandemic.   

5 Augmented Reality Benefits in Education during Pandemic

No Investment from Learners:

The biggest concern during the COVID recession is the decrease in purchasing power. The learners are not in a position to invest in their education. When it comes to AR apps in education, digital learners will not have to purchase new equipment. 

Smartphones or laptops that are used in the usual eLearning process will be sufficient. This increases the adoption rate of augmented reality in eLearning. Hence, while launching an AR app, make sure it is not going to burden your learners financially.

Makes learning fun and easy:

Augmented reality apps like Chromville or Element 4D are helping students in understanding the tough concepts easily. For instance, after a student colors an element, it comes to life with the help of the Chromville app.

This boosts the memorizing capability of students. It becomes fun to study anything from science to maths and interact with their elements with an app. AR-enabled mobile app development is aimed at making learning a smooth and effective process. 

Effective Learning Process:

We all know that one picture is worth a thousand words. Visualization of everything with the full immersion of objects helps in a better understanding of difficult concepts. When stories told are lived by actions in eyes, learning improves with many folds. 

With AR-enabled eLearning apps, the interaction in a digital classroom improvises. Learners interact and learn by actively participating in the teaching and learning exchange. This results in effective learning. 

Level of Education does not Matter:

 During this pandemic situation when physical distancing has become the new normal norm, office training is also happening digitally. AR apps in education are helping every entity from schools to companies in enhancing their training processes. 

Although we do not have popular AR-enabled apps for office training, we need new very soon. The remote work apps’ requirements are rising. Getting augmented reality app development services can make you a pioneer in this world characterized by competition and changing demands.

The shift of Dependence:

Earlier, learners were dependent on educators for understanding their lessons. This augmented reality in educational settings has shifted their dependence from teacher to hardware and applications. 

They are becoming self-reliant with technology in their hands. This has boosted the concept of self-training too. People can use AR-enabled apps to understand the concepts independently. 

Augmented Reality in Education: What’s there in the future?

After evaluating the facts, speculations, and trends while writing this blog, I have concluded – If entrepreneurs are willing to invest, educators are ready to accept and learners are getting the advantages then AR in education is going to flourish.

The current pandemic situation is becoming strong support for these apps. The physical distancing has changed the traditional education approaches. This immersive tech – AR in eLearning is going to be one of the globally accepted educational approaches very soon! 

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I am a software developer with experience in digital marketing. Here to discuss tech trends.


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