How To Dockerize Your Pen-testing Lab [feat. Kali Linux]

Tools & Skills

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) || Linux OS (Debian preferred)
  • Basic GNU-Linux command line knowledge
  • Basic Docker/Docker-Compose CLI knowledge.



Are you wanting to build a low profile & portable pen-testing lab to assist with building your skills while learning how to use docker containers? Keep on reading!

I have built a pair of scripts that will do the following..

  • Update/Upgrade your linux/wsl environment
  • Install docker-ce
  • pull an official kali docker container
  • pull a variety of vulnerable docker images
  • Allow a user to choose which vulnerable app to provision.
  • Run the containers on a local web browser


The the attacker container is built off of the official Kali Linux docker container base image wit the label


. I decided to just use this in order to keep the image size smaller and portable. (Docker is meant for singular use apps).

With this base image, one can install tools that are needed for the job at hand, rather than a 8gb image that might as well be a full VM that resource intensive. For example, If you want to install metasploit in the Kali container, just run the following from within the container

apt-get install metasploit-framework.

The vulnerable containers consist the following.

  • Bwapp
  • Juice-Shop
  • Webgoat 8.0
  • DVWA
  • Tiredful-API
  • Hackazon.

They are focused on WAP for now, but the goal is to have the list grow and become dynamic in nature.



The result of running option 1 – Juice Shop

The app running locally on your browser.

Kill your containers with the following.

  • docker kill —-> Above example “docker kill juice_shop”
  • docker rm —–> Above example “docker rm juice_shop”
  • If you get really overwhelmed, you can kill all containers (running & stopped) by

    doing docker system prune

    and using the



Upcoming Features:

  • Convert this to a full dockerfile rather than 2 separate scripts.
  • Kill and remove containers after 5 failed health checks
  • Leverage a dockerfile to autorun the provisioning script of Hack_lab container
  • Add OWASP Security Shepherd (WIP)
  • Add NodeGoat (WIP)

please feel free to add-on to this or send me ideas to help improve!

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