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When we’re not providing you with access to the brains of legendary founders and makers, or creating a space for you to experiment with building projects in public, or thinking about what it really means to treat your internet friends with respect, we’re talking /tech. In this week’s community round-up:

asked & answered in /software-development

From a developer standpoint, what are your opinions on WordPress and its relevancy? — @jordan

“I know traditional wordpress installations can be annoying, especially working with PHP, but I really recommend checking out headless WP development with WP custom fields and the WP API. You’ll be amazed of how much you can achieve with it (you can actually use Ruby on Rails, .NET, React, Vue, you name it).” — 


Getting into dapp development — anyone know of any good resources to learn more and get into it properly? — @raziel2244

GUN 8 is interesting. Getting a hello world up and running is very easy 2 compared to alternative approaches I’ve seen.” — @dane

Help regarding my open source project — how do you spread the word?@jojo.lichtenberger

“Post about your project on relevant subreddits and utilize social media for raising awareness. You could also try submitting your project details and a write-up to popular websites that would typically feature this type of content.”—


How much does an eCommerce website cost in 2019? — @marissa

“I found that approximately, a small-sized ecommerce website is determined by a few aspects: small product catalog (100–1000), some custom programming, off-the-shelf themes, light traffic, basic design. Small websites have no more than 25 pages and out-of-the-box functionality. Estimated small ecommerce website development cost: $2,000 to $15,000.” — 


Your favorite cool GitHub projects? — @jordan

“[Product Crawler] This open source project aims at creating a database that stores important information about everyday products (it initially concerned only food, edible products). Product information such as the ingredients, the nutritional value, preservatives, family companies etc.” — 


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