Beat the Boss — Miss Morgan’s Mystery Game – Hacker Noon

Puzzle 4


Congratulations everyone for making it this far! We have finally defeated Miss Ashley Morgan, the most vicious of bosses in our Beat the Boss series!

As she scurried away with her remaining minions, one of our agent’s keen eyes picked up on a case which was dropped by them. Could this be some crucial clues to the whereabouts of Agent Aelfonzo?


Maybe it is a booby trap…?

There is only one way to find out! But what we do know, is that Miss Morgan is VERY wealthy and carries plenty of cash on her person. Maybe we have struck it rich! But this is not what Agents of A.E.L.F is interested in. We want the clues!

YOUR MISSION: Solve the puzzle to open the Mystery case

Note: any rewards in the case are kept by the person who unlocks the case.

In order to have the FULL KEY to unlock the case, you will need clues Agent Aelfonzo left us in the Scout reports. Each part can be found by solving the puzzles below (3 parts).

Should you need help, please discuss in the aelf telegram channel and other community members or admin will help you.
Scout Report Part 1

Scout Report Part 2

Scout Report Part 3

Good luck Agents & may the best Agent WIN!

Upon completion of this puzzle, please send a message to Sam(@samjia) on telegram or one of the mods in the aelf telegram with your answer and we will provide further instructions.

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