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Do you know that Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix use React Native framework for their mobile products?

It has also become one of the favorite platforms for startups. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that this framework has gained immense popularity in the last few years.

This article will explore why startups choose to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the numerous benefits awarded to mobile projects because of React Native.

Minimum Viable Product to Build Mobile Apps

What are the key challenges that almost every successful entrepreneur experiences?

Well, most of them find it difficult to optimally use available resources or validate user pains. In addition, there are issues related to the viability of proposed business models.

Looking at the problems, MVP is considered the best (at least in the beginning!). It not only solves the problems faced by users but also offers them a valued proposition that enables trust as well as confidence. Because of that, the company would put in relatively little effort, which makes the process simpler and convenient.

But the developmental process of the first viable version of a mobile app is not easy. First, the company would have to strategize and properly define the technical aspects needed to headline the project, ultimately brightening prospects.

Every company hopes to use technology that is fast and cost-effective along with iterative in its developmental approach.

The popularity of React Native

React Native essentially combines the native developmental technologies with React to build a user interface – It’s called JavaScript framework. Initially developed by Facebook, React Native grants companies mobile development applications that work well on iOS and Android. Hybrid technologies are secular, whereas Native doesn’t target the browser.

React Native is focused on building targeted mobile platforms that appear and give the feel of a native app. React Native has made it particularly convenient to develop apps that blend well with both android and iOS, thanks to its shared operating system. This is obviously because React Native uses the same business logic, libraries, and services.

If it’s a startup business and looking for a launch, there’s nothing better than a React Native app because it takes less time, less energy, and budget. In addition, you may use it to validate the app in real-time with users. An interesting advantage is that React Native allows third-party plugins and so businesses can easily integrate new features without having to begin the hunt for coding from scratch.

Wanna know the main benefits of React Native? Here you go!

  • Superlative Performance
  • Single framework functional for both iOS and Android
  • Intense reloading support
  • Modular architecture
  • Easy third-party plugins
  • Expansive community support
  • Instant access to Native API

Now – advantages of building MVP with React Native.

Save money and resources

The reason why React Native stands out is due to its quick and cost-effective development.

React Native makes it possible for the teams to produce mobile applications by only using JavaScript, which is the most popular programming language. In addition, react Native uses codes to turn into the native app instead of using hybrid technologies like Ionic. This also means that the UI is driven by the same technology elevating the user experience and reputation in the market.

JavaScript is a scripting language for which there is no requirement to wait for the code to be applied. The system is so advanced that the operational speed is increased and compatible with others as well. And if you think about it, JavaScript is fairly easy to learn and implement. You can even document and directly resource it and use it daily. If you ever need to hire a developer to work on your mobile app, you will have a sure shot at finding developers equipped with JavaScript understanding.

Intense Reloading

The best feature of React Native is that it offers the ability to correct and modify codes whenever you want, and that too quite smoothly. Programmers can easily produce codes and make changes should they deem it necessary. The changes can be tracked in real-time, making it fast-paced and smooth.

It may not seem like it at first, but hot reloading serves as a great advantage as it permits you to check and review the changed coding and the actions of the apps. In addition, you may also test the applications that are still in the trial period. For this, you wouldn’t even have to upload changes or modify the view of the app.

Single Framework Functional for both iOS And Android

Startups face one universal issue, and that is budgeting. They have limited options and resources and a crucial task at hand. Their feasibility comes in the way of high-quality production at times, but that’s exactly where React Native comes into the picture. It allows them to build a platform that operates with both iOS and Android.

Honestly, it works as a great alternative as it empowers teams with options. They now get the option to build a platform that is suitable for both iOS and Android. Thus, developers kill two birds with one stone by using React Native – they not only build a platform that dominates both iOS and android grounds, but they achieve this at a feasible rate.

Supports Third-Party Plugins

One of the most important advantages that can’t be overlooked is that React Native is compatible with third parties. So it allows a library full of options – something developers are highly fond of. Libraries are blocks of code that provide readily available functional properties. They also make it easy for new features to be integrated- this way, developers don’t have to invest more capital and make it a hassle. Some of these examples include Google Maps, Facebook SDK, etc.

In the end, we can say that if you need to build a cutting-edge app, go for React Native.

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