Best Fintech Startup Ideas of 2019

FinTech is the amalgamation of the two most powerful industries of our time: Finance and Technology. We all know the things that technology and finance have achieved on their own. Most of the 21st century is made possible due to these two entities.

Now just imagine the growth and development that will be achieved if these two industries collaborate. That is what FinTech is all about.

FinTech statistics say it all:

In the US, the FinTech industry is prophecied to grow by 20.5% and build itself to the valuation of $6,962,224 by 2021.

The perfect time to invest in FinTech is now as the investments in Fintech have already reached $27.4 billion by 2019.

Why Should You Invest in Fintech?

So you have a good amount of money to invest, but you don’t want a pesty little margin of profit. FinTech is your best bet to invest in, learn why.

1. FinTech is Still in its Growing Phase

As an industry develops, the profits you get from investing in it gets diminished. So older the industry, lower the returns. FinTech is still in the early stage of its life cycle. So, if you invest in a FinTech startup while it’s still growing, your investment has more scope to multiply.

If you are more concerned about the safety of your investment, then you can rest assured. It’s been proven every time that any industry that incorporates technology has always succeeded and thrived. So your money is safe in a FinTech startup.

2. It’ll Be A Competitive Industry

Any sector that faces rivalry will undoubtedly improve. It’s a universal rule, higher the competition better the industry. So as more and more companies enter the FinTech ecosystem, your initial investment will have more prominence and trust as a FinTech brand.

With new FinTech innovations, small businesses have finally found steady support to grow and compete against enormous banks and financial institutes. This new era revolution has made sure that all the finance businesses, large and small, get an almost equal playing field.

Top FinTech Startup Ideas

Now let’s have a look at the best FinTech Startup Ideas that are trending in 2019.

1. Online Banking Mobile App

In a digital age that we live in, your business can either go digital or go home. Most of the leading banks have already launched their mobile app and are now just upgrading as new app features emerge. So if you are yet to get your banking app built, do it ASAP.

The profitable idea is to build a web app that will work across all browsers. But, if (as a bank or other financial institute) security is your primary concern, then building a custom banking mobile app is the best idea.

2. Digital Banks

In 1994 Bill Gates said, “Banks are like dinosaurs, and the world needs banking services but not necessarily banks.”

The launch of FinTech companies proved this. Today there are many successfully operational online banks like Atom, Starting, Monzo, and Tandem Bank.

These new style banks have taken the finance world by storm. Such digital banks work only as an app without any branch offices and infrastructure. This approach makes the bank to function with a lot less investment making the services more cheaper for the user.

Not having a physical branch doesn’t make these digital banks any less powerful; on the contrary, they become more independent in working.

These digital banks are regulated by the same bodies that regulate the standard banks, and they abide by the same rules to make digital banking equally secure.

3. P2P Payment Apps

Peer-to-peer payment apps are getting all the love since 2018. Payment apps like Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Facebook Messenger, and Square Cash have made our lives and our payment habits easy.

There is a lot of opportunities out there for new and more advanced P2P payment apps. You can launch your own FinTech payment app for general users or a niche market and become the next big name among the ones mentioned above.

You can provide your payment app services as standalone services, bank-centric, or social media-centric apps.

4. Insurtech

Insurance has been a co-running business in finance with banking. We could say that in many cases, they go hand in hand. So it is no surprise if insurance companies also try to dig into FinTech possibilities.

The insurance industry with FinTech has a different term, “Insurtech.” With dynamic pricing and quick services, Insurtech is heading firmly to serve its customers and make a good profit while doing it.

Due to smart technologies like AI and Machine Learning, insurance companies can analyze a large amount of data of their customers and provide a customized insurance policy for each of their customers.

The 3rd party insurance brokers will be eliminated as the users can directly compare policies and choose the best one from the Insurtech app of the company.


If you are thinking to start your own FinTech startup, then you must, first, find a team of extraordinary FinTech App and Software Developers.

Remember, it’s the Tech in FinTech that makes this industry succeed.

Build a FinTech application based on any of the ideas discussed here or something new that is on your mind.

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