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If you’re going to be putting all your eggs in one basket, make sure that basket looks decent!

Inside the root of your monorepo folder, create a new file call readme.mustache

I know, you’re wondering why not ? We’ll come back to this later but for now here’s how you can swag up your repo:

your-logo" width="280"/>


That will give you something a little like this (less the chat and solidity badges and after we convert it to markdown):

It’s a great start but your fellow developers want to see all the packages in your monorepo and their respective versions. Let’s add some more code to our readme.mustache :

## Packages
### Published
|   Package   |   Version   |   Description   |
|[`name`](/packages/path) | [![npm](]( | a description |
### Private
|   Package   |   Description   |
|[`name`](/packages/path) | a description |

In case you’re wondering, published packages are ones you’re going to publish with npm to be used in other repos. Private packages are ones that you wouldn’t import into another project. Examples include smart contracts, marketing website etc. So what did the above net us? This:

Now, the next bit of code we’re going to add is:

### Contracts (insert network here)
| Contract Name | Address |
| ------------- | ------- |
| {{name}} | {{address}} |

We’ll revisit this bit later, but for now you’re going to want to insert the network your project is currently on (kovan, main-net, etc).

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